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How to Survive Quarantine With Your Parents

Let’s be real. As teens, we often, not necessarily fight, but have tense days with our parents. And as were all isolated with our parents for weeks on end it’s definitely not going to get any easier. I understand that this situation is probably way more stressful on adults than we recognize, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t hard for us as well.

I want to preface this by saying if you are in an abusive home, I have a few resources for you. I hope that you use them as you see fit, and please don’t be scared to reach out, especially during this time.

I have a pretty good relationship with my parents, we don’t really fight, but we have our bad days. It may not seem like it in this post, but I really do love my parents and they are good parents. However, there are things that get me frustrated. For example, when I’m working on my school work (ew online school) and my mom decides to ask me all of the questions of life. (It also doesn’t help that everyone in my family talks at my the level I yell at). I have very limited time to do my school work, and her bombarding me with questions makes it hard to concentrate, so I eventually snap. I forget to watch my tone and say something questionable.

Now how can you fix this conundrum? Honestly, it’s super simple. Ask your parent to give you space while you work. When I did this, it turned into a discussion about how when I was little I would always bother her when she was working. (Comparing the actions of a toddler and adult seemed a little ridiculous, but I got through the lecture.) Also explain that it’s not that you don’t want to talk to them, it’s just that it’s distracting when they talk to you while you are working. After all, you have the rest of the day and many more to ponder life together.

Other days, simply the presence of my parents will stress me out. These day, I’m often thrilled to go to school, just to get a break. Now that school has turned to “remote learning,” I no longer have that option. I’ve found that going for a very long walk, sitting outside or in an isolated area helps me decompress.

My parents are always on my back about cleaning the house. I am the laziest human alive and cleaning physically hurts me. I’m not sure if it’s mental, but whenever I go to tidy up, my back hurts like crazy. Anyway, now that I have hours of free time, my parents ask a lot from me and my siblings. Last week, I grumbled and refused to do those tasks. Now, however, I realize that I really have nothing better to do. My main point here is to stop being stubborn. If your parent asks for something, no matter how much you don’t want to to do, at least try. (I have to work on this one too.)

As much as I complain about my parents, I do understand that they are under a lot of stress right now, as are we all. I just feel like with so many emotions bundled up inside things are bound to get messy. So I hope these few tips will help you stay sane. Also, let me know: do you have these problems? Or are you facing other difficulties?

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