The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List For Teens

Hello friends! Summer is upon us! While, it may not be the traditional summer we are used to, we can still do tons! At the start of every summer, I make a HUGE bucket list. It gives me some goals to complete over the summer and gives me and my friends so ideas for activities since we are the most indecisive people on Earth.

This isn’t my exact bucket list, I added some more ideas to help you out. Most of these activities are solo, or can be socially distanced. I included some that may not be, juuuust Incase. (You know, gotta put out that positive energy…) Either way, you can always do these with your siblings or family! Okay, are you ready? Get a notebook out so you can draft your summer bucket list! Here are some ideas:

  1. Have a bonfire
  2. Go to a farmer’s market
  3. Tie-dye!
  4. Make popsicles
  5. Watch fireworks
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Start a business
  8. Make a new friend
  9. Pull an all nighter
  10. Paint
  11. Spend a day at the beach
  12. Get a job
  13. Learn how to do a cartwheel
  14. Have a photoshoot
  15. Bake
  16. Spend an entire day outside
  17. Start a bullet journal
  18. Go for a bike ride
  19. Get tan!
  20. Learn a new hairstyle
  21. Revisit an old passion
  22. Do yoga
  23. Go swimming
  24. Sleep outside
  25. Read a book
  26. Get TikTok famous🤪
  27. Create new routines
  28. Watch the sunset
  29. Go on an adventure
  30. Start a YouTube channel
  31. Have a Disney movie marathon
  32. Go on a road trip
  33. Have a sleepover
  34. Spend time with your family
  35. Revamp your closet
  36. Make friendship bracelets
  37. Create a vision board
  38. Dance in the rain
  39. Do a diy
  40. Be spontaneous!!
  41. Have a karaoke party
  42. Paint rocks
  43. Deep clean your room
  44. Wash your car
  45. Go into the city
  46. Have a competition with your friends
  47. Try a new workout
  48. Binge watch Netflix
  49. Have a water ballon fight
  50. Have ice cream
  51. Redecorate your room
  52. Clean out your backpack
  53. Go hiking
  54. Pick fruit
  55. Build a sandcastle
  56. Volunteer
  57. Eat a s’more
  58. Go shopping
  59. Make a highlight montage of your summer

Boy, that was a ton! What did you put on your bucket list? Get hyped because this is going to be the best summer ever. I really hope that you gleaned some ideas from this! Have a great summer!


20 thoughts on “The ULTIMATE Summer Bucket List For Teens”

  1. I think you named everything on my summer list,heheh😂 I also have visit an out of town library because I’ve always wanted to do that:) Hmm, pulling an all nighter is high on my summer bucket list this year bc I’ve never done to before, shocker I know 😄😜😂


      1. Hahah, I’m assuming you pulled the all nighters for school? Honestly I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it …😂🤷‍♀️


      2. Hehhe, how are those movies btw? I was planning on watching it soon …. Yep, I’m planning( when I do try an all nighter) to have many activities planed our so I didn’t get bored and result to sleeping. Also a lot of caffeine 😂😜


  2. Another fantastic post Meghan! I jut love the way you write! You have given me so many ideas of what to do over summer so thank you so much! I actually have this post sitting in my drafts haha xx


  3. Just found your blog and I absolutely love this post. All 59 ideas are brilliant! I was worried about having nothing to do over summer but it seems like I have tonnes to do! Thanks so much for this wonderful post!


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