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My Goals for This School Year and September

Hello friends! In case you weren’t alerted 178 times, it is September. Hot take, but I’m not whipping out my sweaters and coziness quite yet. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is so hyped for fall this year! I mean I LOVE fall, but I’m okay with having a few more weeks of summer. Anyway, the start of a new month means some brand new goals! This post is going to be a little different from my other goal posts because I’m going to skip the long recap on last month’s goals and share my goals for this school year with you all! Just in case you were wondering, August goals were not it- oops! Hopefully I’ll complete these goals…

Goals for September

  1. Live in the moment
  2. Read one book for “fun”
  3. Cross/strength train 4 times a week
  4. Sort out finances
  5. Get up at 6 every morning
  6. Organize wardrobe
  7. Reach 700 on Instagram?!?
  8. Revamp blog

My goals for this school year:

  1. Find a balance between all of the things (school, track, blogging, etc)
  2. Participate in the arts
  3. Dedicate 2 hours a week to review
  4. Create and stick to a study schedule
  5. Make honor roll
  6. Take better and more organized notes
  7. Be the person you want to be- be present in class, participate, take killer notes, make friends…

I wanted to make my goals for this month a little easier just because school starts in t-5 days, and I’ll have loads of work and adjusting to do! My school goals are pretty broad and do not adhere to SMART goal setting, but I know what I want to do! I’m curious: did you set goals for yourself this school year? If so, what are they?!? Thanks for reading and happy September!


11 thoughts on “My Goals for This School Year and September”

  1. I hope you achieve all your goals for September and the school year!! I definitely agree with the one about participating in school and being the person you want to be, it will make you much more happier because you’re loving each day being truly happy and truly yourself!!


  2. Happy September( hehe one of my favorite months of the year)! Good luck on achieving all your goals and I have some of those same goals too 😉
    What do you do to cross train?
    Living in the moment is a great point and to just take one day at a time ❤️💖


  3. Get up at six every morning.. now that’s what stuck out to me as someone who could never be a morning person. Haha! 🤣 my early morning is 8:30 am! Good luck with all your September goals. I know you’ll do great! My goals are to update some older blog posts, begin writing new blog posts for a series I’m starting, have a proper content day, begin exercising again and take some more driving lessons!


  4. I hope you are able to achieve all of the goals you make this month! Some of my goals are to focus on my grades, prioritize school before anything else, and maintain a good schedule between blogging and school! 💕


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