Why I Keep My Blog A Secret… from everyone!

Hello friends! Today I’m going to chat about something that I really haven’t mentioned all that much on here. So, here’s the deal: I haven’t told anyone about my blog, like anyone. My parents? NOPE. Friends? No. Sisters? No, but they know because they’re annoying and went through my phone. As of right now, they are the only two people that know… that I’m aware of. Honestly, it’s probably a lot of unnecessary effort to keep it from everyone, but I’m going to tell you why I go through all of the trouble and answer some questions that you may have right now.

Why I keep my blog as a secret

There is one main reason that I keep my blog secret and it’s that I really just don’t want anyone I know reading my blog. This is my safe space. I don’t want all of these people that I’ve never talked to giving me their opinions and I just feel like it would be a thing- I dont want it to be a thing. The main part of people reading my blog is that they’re reading my blog! I talk about some stuff that I don’t want people I know to know about, like my mental health. I also complain about school, my classmates, my friends, and just everything under the sun. The people at my school love to get the principal and police involved in everything, so I’m sure that if I was out in the open I’d frequent the principal’s office, and that there would be so much drama.

Wait, so not even you’re parents know?!?

Yup. The amount of stress and guilt that I get from keeping this secret from my parents in kind of insane. I think about telling them multiple times a day, but never do. I think that I’m only going to tell them if I need to, like if by some godly coincidence my blog takes off and I could start making a nice sum of money off of it! I love my parents, and I’m sure that they’d support my blog (perhaps after they get over me keeping it a secret for so long…), but I just don’t want them reading what I write. My sister briefly had a youtube channel and they were always on top of her about it and offering up opinions, and I just don’t feel like dealing with that. Which reminds me, I kept my last youtube channel a secret too…

What happens when someone finds your blog?

It’s bound to happen, but I’d actually be pretty impressed. Like, if someone from my school just happened to stumbled upon one of my platforms I think that means that I’m at a a place where my account is being suggested to people, which is wild. If that’s the case, I really don’t think it would rattle me that much just because I’d feel more established. Don’t get me wrong, tears will be shed, but I don’t think I’d delete everything. I guess from there more people would find out, I would have to tell my parents, and then we adjust. My content would probably take a hit as it would be less personal for a bit, but I think after a while my platforms would just get stronger.

Is it hard keeping this platform secret?

Yes and no. Emotionally, I really just deal with the guilt of hiding my blog from my parents. However, running a blog and Instagram is very hard when no one knows. Mostly because I can’t use it as an excuse. This is probably the most annoying part actually, when I’m working on something and someone asks me to do something and I can’t say “No, sorry, I have to finish a blog post!” I usually have to go, especially if it’s my parents asking me to do something! I also have to wait until no one’s home to do things like take pictures, and it’s definitely awkward taking pictures all by yourself!

This post sounds so whiny! My gawd! I actually am not complaining about anything, it just comes off like that, promise!! Anyway, that’s why and keep my blog a secret. Do you feel special now? I haven’t come across another teen blogger who hasn’t told thier parents about their blog, but if thats you, hit me up and we can chat! Let me know if you have any questions, or if you’re a fellow blogger tell me who knows about your blog! Thanks for reading!!

31 thoughts on “Why I Keep My Blog A Secret… from everyone!”

  1. Ahh okay well that’s kind of cool that your blog is secret! Hopefully your blog does take off, I’m sure they will be supportive! I’m kind of similar, I don’t tell people about my blog except my immidate family (like my mum, dad and brother) and only my close friends know and some of my extended have just found out somehow?! Love this post Meghan!


  2. I deal with the same issue, my parents know especially my dad that I do something with a blog, however i keep the rest of the details and my platforms a secret. I have told my sister’s and a few of my friends because they are all so supportive. I talk to them about every thing, other than that I keep that a secret from everyone else at my school. I can relate to this quite a bit!


  3. I loved reading this post Meghan!!! Literally, no one knows about my blog except for my parents and sister! I’m so scared that one day everyone in my entire grade or school will find out and I have a BIG school (we have 4,000 students)! I don’t think I could handle people viewing my blog and reading my posts from like a year ago and making fun of me! Ahhh! The tension and stress that someone will find it kills me all the time!


    1. 4,000 people?!? That’s a lot! I mean… 4K views right there… JUST KIDDING— it’s definitely super stressful! I’m always scared when I get a text from someone I don’t talk to a lot; I feel like they’re just going to bring it up!! If only people could be kind💓


  4. One hundred percent agree! It’s not that I’m ashamed of blogging but, it’s my safe space and where sometimes I can be the most me👍 My sister has been my biggest supporter in blogging but, asides from her I’m not too keen on sharing as well!
    Totally understand and gosh, my younger brother also has a thing with snooping! 😜

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  5. I relate with you on this so much, because the only people who know about my blog are my siblings and one of my friends. I don’t think that they’re not going to be supportive, it’s just like you said, I like having this safe space for myself. People knowing that this blog is mine might change the dynamic of it, and I love where I’m at right now. I loved this post!!


  6. My blog is also a secret too from everyone except my little brother and 2 of my best friends. I wouldn’t find it comfortable blogging if people who think they know me find out about it but I’ve thought about it alot and if anyone finds out I’m a blogger, I’d pretty much not feel bad about it, alot.


  7. I kept my blog a secret from my parents until my mom somehow found out about it! She actually shared a link to relatives and her friends, and I didn’t know until one of her friends asked me about it. I was pretty upset and worried but my mom is one of my biggest supporters, so I’m really thankful that she found out 😂 I didn’t tell my closest friends about my blog until one of them told me to go and tell everyone. I had so much drama from my old blog that I didn’t want the past to be brought up again but everyone was very open minded and they’re really supportive. Don’t get me wrong, people at my new school don’t know about my blog but I’m sure I’ll be able to tell them about it sooner or later. I just feel like I should only tell people who I really trust and are the closest to me should know about my blog! 🙂 I’m going to continue to support you, Meghan! You’re one of my favourite bloggers and I love your content! 💗


    1. I agree! It’s definitely not necessary for everyone to know, and quite frankly, I don’t think a lot of people care! Funny how your mom’s friends brought it up though! I wonder how your mom found it! Thank you so much Francine! That means so so much to me🥰

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  8. Hey, my blog is secret too! My friends know I have a blog, but they don’t know the site. They’ve nagged me quite a bit about it, but I haven’t given in. I agree with what you said about keeping it a safe space, that’s why I’ve kept my blog anonymous. As far as I’m concerned you can still have the same benefits of a blog secretly/anonymously 🙂


  9. That is understandable . I kept mine a secret first few months of blogging. But it’s been a few years and now I don’t care in fact in my senior year of high school I shared it during a presentation. If you ever need a bigger friend hit me up.

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  10. Ahhh I want to know what are the blogs everyone is talking about. But I am creating a blog, and I’m keeping it a secret until I get some sort of following, But great job!! I love your blog sooo much Keep It Up!!


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