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Let’s chat! Here’s how school is going for me…

Hello friends! Today I’m going to do something a little new for the blog: I’m just going to chat! I feel like this could be super awkward. Make sure to let me know what you think, and if you like (or hate) this type of post! Incase you’re new here, or just weren’t aware I’m Meghan! I’m a sophomore in high school (year 10), and I’m quite busy at the moment! If you’d like to continue, today I’m just going to be chatting about school and how it’s going!

In general, I absolutely hate school. Hate it! I don’t really get the purpose of it, and I find it way too time consuming. This year however, I don’t completely hate it?!? What? I know, right? My school is doing a hybrid model, so I go into school for 4 hours twice a week (on Mondays and Thursdays,) and then have online school for 4-6 hours the three remaining days. This plan sounded terrible at first, but I’m actually really liking it! Online school is really nice. I mean, I despise looking at a screen basically all day (most of that is my doing though), but other than that the structure is nice! I have just the right amount of flexibility. As someone who needs structure to get things done, this is really nice.

Now, let’s talk about in-person school, shall we? It’s… well… It’s not too too bad. I’ve mentioned this a few times, but school is just not it for me.  Last year, I really struggled. I had trouble talking, like I literally went the entire day without uttering a single word, which wasn’t really great for my mental health – much less my social life! I’m so proud of myself because this year I feel comfortable at school! I’m living in the moment and I even participate in my classes!!! (Yay me! As my girl London Tipton would say…) Okay, okay, you can stop clapping now, thanks so much though! 😉

Sure, I’m doing pretty well in-person, but is it all that safe? Absolutely not. My school has taken some safety measures, like taping off certain stairwells, reducing class sizes, mandating masks and social distancing, etc. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we all abide by those rules. There’s this one kid in my web design class who thinks it’s so funny to not wear his mask. You know the type: Thinks everything he does is funny because his peers labeled him as “cool” in middle school. He takes it off and basically spits on my teacher because she’s one of those really nice “one of the kids” teachers. Additionally, no one distances, and the giant tubs of wipes in every single classroom is going to go to waste because cleaning off our spaces went away after the first day. 

Gosh, this is getting really long, but I’m just going to bring up my workload because it is insane. Holy mackerel, this year is something different. I have homework every night in every class, which is so foreign to me! Last year, I had maybe an hour of homework every night at most. I definitely was not prepared for that! That’s another thing- how much homework teacher’s assign. I haven’t had it that bad, but I’ve chatted with some people over on my Instagram, and they have no free time! I can’t imagine how they get by week after week!

Oh my goodness, that was so fun to write! Someone please tell me why I haven’t been doing this all along! Anyway, I want to hear from you! Let me know how school is going for you! Are you overwhelmed? Thriving? Concerned? School is so different everywhere in the world, which is both interesting and confusing. Nevertheless, I’m excited to hear about your school experiences! Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!!

8 thoughts on “Let’s chat! Here’s how school is going for me…”

  1. Here in Australia we have school from January to December- the year is broken up into four ten week terms. From mid december to the end of January we have summer holidays which are about six weeks long. I know that in America you have about three months off! I couldn’t work out why our holidays were so much shorter until I realised that you have all your holidays at the end of the school year.. around July, right? What are your school terms like?

    If I’m being honest, I’d say I have less homework in year ten than I had in year three! Most nights for me are free and I have little work to do apart from assignments. It’s funny.. not what you’d expect. However, had I not been sick for so long, I would’ve been finishing up year eleven in a week and then starting year twelve in just under a month! Absolutely insane really.


    1. Yes! Most schools over here start summer break in June or July. I love how your year is broken up! Sometimes three months can seem way too long! I’m assuming that this is different for schools across the US, but in my region we start school in September, and then have two two-week breaks in December and April.

      That’s quite funny about your workload! I bet that some time to yourself is nice as the school year drags on. Gosh, I’m sorry to hear that! It must have been rough having to move down a class with new people and such. I hope everything is okay now, but that is really wild! Time flies!

      Thanks so much for reading Maryam! You always leave the best comments. Have a fantastic day!!


      1. Aw, that’s so sweet of you! I try to leave good comments, haha. I’m doing well. I doubt I would’ve felt very inspired by year eleven or twelve so it’s okay! TAFE next year is my goal. I’m so excited to finally do all that I’d planned to.

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  2. I hope your school year ends up going really well!! I’m back in full in person school, and I wish I had the hybrid opportunity! It seems so amazing to be able to go to school but still have freedom to do what you want, with some structure.


  3. I’m back to in-person school for the quarter! My parents are thinking of transferring me to online when winter comes along so I don’t have to make the commute to school. My school used to do a two-semester basis, with the first one lasting from September to January and the second semester from February to June. Now, we’re doing quarterly semesters that last two months each, but we only get two or three classes. I get so much Math homework and we seem to have tests every week! The only free time I get is during the weekend, which is really nice since I’m usually exhausted and drained from the schoolwork I do during the week. I hope you’re doing well in school Meghan! It was really nice to read about another teen in high school and how they’re coping with this situation. I totally relate with the wipes and taped hallways at school.


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