A Teen’s Take on Parents and Sass: We can’t help it!

Hello friends! A while back, I started a series, if you will, called “A Teen’s Take [on…]!” It’s relatively simple. In these posts, myself, or another teen, will share their feelings and experiences with/on basically anything. The goal of these posts is to relate with fellow teens and to give adults an inside perspective on modern-day youth. With that being said, the following content is just my personal experiences, as I cannot and will not speak for teenagers as a whole. Today, I will be sharing my changing relationship with my parents, and parents in general.

“You have any kids?”
“Yeah, three daughters…”
“God bless you!”

This exchange used to happen very often when I was younger, and it always bothered me. I mean, yeah, having three teenage girls may be a pain. I’ll admit it- we’re sassy, hard-headed, and a little bratty to be honest. However, calling us these things will cause problems…

I mean, when we’re all having a nice family conversation, and my parents say something targeted at one of us (me and my sisters), and we get all tense and defensive. Suddenly we’re “impossible to talk to,” but you had your chance! On the other hand, there are outbursts that come out of nowhere. Perhaps my mom will be giving me instructions for something like going to babysit, and I’ll get really snippy. There’s two parts to this: I know what I’m doing, and an energy has been released and slips out. Okay, that sounds weird, but does anyone know what I’m talking about? A numbed part of the brain, perhaps a chill on the back of the neck, and every single thing that my mother says makes me want to scream! Consequently, I get really defensive and annoyed which is more than apparent to my parents as I talk to them.

The thing is that I don’t want to respond in a negative way. Sure, I do find the endless “mom-splaining” tiresome, but I understand where she’s coming from. The last thing I want to do is upset my mom, especially when she’s trying to help, but my mouth opens without my consent, and thus, I am deemed sassy.

One thing that I don’t understand is when people belittle their parents. It’s always bothered me, in elementary school, my best friend would call her dad “stupid” all of the time and it just irked me. Honestly, I get the fact that she said it, it’s easy to calls someone stupid, and as I get older, complainig about our parents becomes more frequent. Although, at the same time, I can hear everything my parents say in our small house, and they don’t hesitate to complain about us!

Hopefully, this little rant-y post will give parents some insight into how their children are feeling, and likewise help teens. I used to get so mad with myself after snapping with my parents, and I still do, but after discussing it with my friends, it’s more than normal. Things will definitely get rocky between you and your parents as you grow, but it’s important to remember that they love and want the best for you.

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12 thoughts on “A Teen’s Take on Parents and Sass: We can’t help it!”

      1. I find it hard to apologize but I bring myself to eventually lol. But, yes we can be pretty pridefull! I get offended so easily now and then I think about it and I’m like why did I get mad over that?😂


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