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My June Goals

Hello friends! Y’all know the drill! First post of June means I share my goals for this month and reflect and recap last month! This week is later than usual out of respect for the black lives matter movement. Last month was weird, I definitely grew and improved a lot, but my goals did not follow— you’ll see what I mean in a little bit. This month, I’m definitely going to focus on my goals more, as I’m putting them in a place where I will see them every day, my bullet journal!

Goals for June:

  1. Create two recipes
  2. Read two books
  3. More than 5k steps every day
  4. Drink 96 oz of water daily
  5. Reach 100 subscribers on the blog!!!
  6. Phase out more foods
  7. Spend at least 1 hour every day outside/screen free

How last month’s goals went

My goals for May:

  1. Drink 3 bottles of water a day (96 oz)
  2. Focus more on strength training and less on speed
  3. Say affirmations every day
  4. Get more than 5,000 steps every day
  5. Limit sweets and processed food (only one or two serving a day)
  6. Sell 3 items on Poshmark
  7. Maintain a good posting schedule
  8. Spend one hour outside without screens daily

The goals I wanted to focus on were drinking 96 oz of water a day, focusing on strength rather than speed, limiting processed foods/sweets, and maintaining a good posting schedule. I am happy to report that I completed 3/4 of those goals! The one that I majorly neglected was drinking water. I don’t know why, but I was so unmotivated to drink water last month. I barley got 32 oz a day, which is not good. I kept the goal for this month because I think it’s achievable, but I just didn’t commit last month. On the other hand, I was very good at prioritizing strength. I created multiple circuits and a weekly routine, and guys, I’m low-key #swole now💪😆

I did well at the goals that were on the back burner, like spending time outdoors and spending and saying affirmations every day. One goal that I did not complete was selling 3 items on Poshmark. This is somewhat out of my control, but I’m still disappointed.

I love writing this post at the beginning of every month because it makes me feel like I need to commit to my goals. Putting them out on the internet, also makes me somewhat prideful in regards that I desperately want to tell you guys I achieved them. These goals are going to be demolished because it’s almost summer and I have the time to focus them. Tell me: what are your goals for this month!?! Happy June guys, stay safe!

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11 thoughts on “My June Goals”

  1. These are all great goals Meghan! A few of my goals is to finish up school and start posting on Instagram a bit more consistently!


  2. I think it’s such a good idea to recap Goals!! It will inspire so many other people to chase their goals! Thanks so much and hope you achieve many more goals! 😊


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