My Christmas Day Routine

Hello friends!! Welcome to day 11 of my 12 Days of Blogmas! Happy Christmas even everyone… just one more sleep until christmas! If I’m being completely honest, I am really not feeling it this year. However, I know what that’s rather common at the moment. Anyway, I love hearing other’s traditions, so I thought I… Continue reading My Christmas Day Routine


Christmas Tag

Hello friends! Welcome to day 8 of my 12 days of Christmas!! We’re in the home stretch!! Recently, Caroline from Enviroline Blog nominated me for a Christmas Tag! This is absolutely perfect for a holiday post in a pinch, so thank you Caroline! Basically, today I’m just going to be answering questions! Let’s get to… Continue reading Christmas Tag


4 Things to Remember this Holiday Season

Hello friends!! Welcome to day 7 of my 12 days of vlogmas!! Today’s post is a little bit of a cringery one, but I thought it was important. Things are definitely different this holiday season, and I’ve got a few reminders for you to keep your spirits up and help you enjoy the holidays. I… Continue reading 4 Things to Remember this Holiday Season

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“The Middle:” Mid-week Inspiration

Hello friends! Wednesday got you down? Are you feeling unmotivated or sick of the constant routine of life? Honestly, same, but then I read an amazing piece of writing sent to me by the lovely Grace entitled “The Middle.” It seriously had me wanting to do something spontaneous and live it up, and I get… Continue reading “The Middle:” Mid-week Inspiration

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My Remote Learning Routine

Hello friends! It has been four weeks since I’ve started school, and I think I’m finally starting to get into the groove of things! My school is doing a hybrid model, so I am home three days and in school two (half) days. I actually wrote a whole blog all about how school is going… Continue reading My Remote Learning Routine

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A Teen’s Take On Social Media: The good, the bad, and in between

Hello friends! A while back, I started a series, if you will, called “A Teen’s Take [on…]!” It’s relatively simple. In these posts, myself, or another teen, will share their feelings and experiences with/on basically anything. The goal of these posts is to relate with fellow teens and to give adults an inside perspective on… Continue reading A Teen’s Take On Social Media: The good, the bad, and in between


Why I Keep My Blog A Secret… from everyone!

Hello friends! Today I’m going to chat about something that I really haven’t mentioned all that much on here. So, here’s the deal: I haven’t told anyone about my blog, like anyone. My parents? NOPE. Friends? No. Sisters? No, but they know because they’re annoying and went through my phone. As of right now, they… Continue reading Why I Keep My Blog A Secret… from everyone!


Babysitting 101 for Teens

Hello friends! I have been a busy bee recently with school, sports, this blog, and now babysitting! I just started watching two kids for a few hours thrice a week, and I can’t tell you how much I missed it! I thought it might be cool to write out a little babysitting guide for my… Continue reading Babysitting 101 for Teens

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My Favorite Blogs Made For Teens By Teens

Hello friends! I’ve been in this small teen blogger community for almost eight months and I’ve found some fabulous blogs run by teens! Before starting my blog, I always searched for such a blog with no avail. I had come to the conclusion that there were simply no teen bloggers, but boy was I wrong!… Continue reading My Favorite Blogs Made For Teens By Teens