My Favorite Blogs Made For Teens By Teens

Hello friends! I’ve been in this small teen blogger community for almost eight months and I’ve found some fabulous blogs run by teens! Before starting my blog, I always searched for such a blog with no avail. I had come to the conclusion that there were simply no teen bloggers, but boy was I wrong!Continue reading “My Favorite Blogs Made For Teens By Teens”

Awesome Blogger Award

Hello friends! Today is in fact Monday, but I wanted to do an award post because it’s been a while. I like these type of posts because of how candid they are, and I always love learning more about my favorite bloggers, so I hope you enjoy! This post is in response to an “AwesomeContinue reading “Awesome Blogger Award”

Awesome Blogger Award

Happy Friday Friends! On Wednesday, I logged onto my WordPress to find a wonderful surprise, Sophie from “Sophie’s Corner,” had nominated me for “Awesome Blogger Award!” Sophie has a great blog. In fact, it was one of the first blogs I read, so it was a honor to be nominated by her, thank you Sophie!Continue reading “Awesome Blogger Award”

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