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My Remote Learning Routine

Hello friends! It has been four weeks since I’ve started school, and I think I’m finally starting to get into the groove of things! My school is doing a hybrid model, so I am home three days and in school two (half) days. I actually wrote a whole blog all about how school is going and such if you want to check it out! Remote learning days are pretty nice, I have to say! I love the flexibility it gives you, but being an easily-distracted teenager, I still need a little structure. If you’re like me at home and trying to create a little normalcy for yourself, this post is for you! I’m going to be sharing my full day/routine when I’m at home!

6:00- Wake up!

I’ve been fairly consistent at waking up at 6 every day. Once I’m up, I’ll go on my phone for 15 minutes to catch up on Instagram, and then I’ll get up and do something active. Initially, I thought it would be really nice to go for a walk at this time, but it’s dark and cold, so that’s a no go… Instead, I’ll do something active, like yoga or core. I love working out at this time because it gives my body time to recover before I go to practice!

7:00- Breakfast

Breakfast is my absolute favorite time of the day, and that’s why I rush it. It takes me a while to figure out what I want to eat, make it, and then eat it, so the whole affair takes close to 35 minutes. That leaves me 10 minutes to get dressed, brush my teeth and hair and make sure my zoom background is presentable.

7:45- Classes start

At 7:45, I am sitting in my uncomfortable chair staring at my history teacher drone on about inaccurate history… not my favorite way to kick off school! I have classes until 10:40, but I sprint down stairs after every other class to grab a snack.

10:45- Break

This is my gym period. During this time, I try to get my math and french homework done. If I don’t have a lot, this is when I’ll plan some content or take my dog for a walk!

11:20- Last class

After my break, I only have Chemistry. That takes up a mere 25 minutes, until school is over… or so I thought… After chemistry, I’ll do some work and plan out the rest of my day.

12:15- Lunch

My lunch time has looked really different these past weeks, but I really only have 3 or 4 options to choose from. If it’s nice out, I’ll eat outside and bother my sister. If it’s not, I’ll take a nap or work on Instagram. When I don’t have afternoon classes, or at least a class until 2:00, I’ll watch Law & Order for an hour or two.

1:30- Block time

My school does this really confusing system where after 1:30, we have time set aside for each class. During this time, I have SAT prep, my teacher could hold a zoom, testing, work, or nothing at all. Needless to say, it can get pretty overwhelming when a teacher assigns an hour of work to be turned in after 25 minutes.

3:00- Practice

School ends at 2:55, so after my teacher takes forever to end class, I hop onto my bike and ride to cross country practice. We do drills and run, which somehow takes two hours?!?

5:15- Home and relax

On Wednesday, this is when I have choir rehearsal. On every other day, it really depends on how much work I have or how motivated I am, but this is where the bulk of my screen time lies. Actually, that’s kind of a lie… I’m pretty much always on my phone, but this is time to just be on my phone. This is when I respond to comments and reload my homepage every two minutes. I’m really not sure how I spend 2 straight hours on my phone, but it feels like it’s productive…

7:00- Dinner

I eat with my family at this time, and then mess around with my sisters. I begrudgingly help my parents clean up the kitchen and then retreat back into my room…

7:45- Homework

It’s grind time!! Eww… Anyways, this is when I finish up my homework. To be honest, it’s probably not the best time for me to do school work because I’m angry and tired, but yolo. Despite the bulk of my work getting done in the block period, I work until 9:30 most nights and then jump into my night routine.

9:45- Night routine

I have a full blog post on my night routine from a few months ago, and I’ve been sticking to it! You can read that HERE if you’re interested! After I finish that, I end up falling asleep around 10:30.

Gosh, I get tired just looking over this daunting day. I haven’t fallen into a strict routine yet, which I’m actually pretty happy about, but this is just how I structure my day! The time seems to fly by, but at the end of the day it feels as if that morning was three days ago! Anyone else? Speaking of which, let me know your newfound routines if you were recently tossed back into school! Thanks for reading and happy living!!

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21 thoughts on “My Remote Learning Routine”

  1. Omg love how you have a routine! I literally don’t and am def struggling! Also, your avocado toast looked soooo yummy! 😫😫😫😫


  2. Honestly, I love how realistic this is! Apart from your school system of starting at 7:45 anyway.. I wake up at 8:30 most school days and then have school start at 9:00. Even then though, I’m in homeroom till 9:30 so it’s just free time. Crazy how different schools are!


  3. This post was so interesting and fun to read! School really feels so organised compared to college because my online classes have been all over the place! Also I seem to have forgotten how to wake up early because my first class starts at 9, and it takes all of me to get out of bed at 8:50, hahaha! Loved reading this 🙂


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