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My Goals for October

Hello friends! I can’t even start to express how excited I am for October! October is definitely one of my favorite times of the year because it means fall, cross country, and that Christmas is near!!! September, well, September was NOT IT. Honestly, I think I say this about every month in terms of my goals, but to as I’m writing this, I cannot recall what my goals for September were! That’s not a good sign… Anyway, for this month, I’m going to skip a big recap and just say that I achieved none of my goals from last month. Let’s just jump into my goals!!

My goals for October:

  1. Meditate for 10 minutes every day
  2. PT exercises 2x a day
  3. Limit screen time to 3 hours a day
  4. Create a study schedule
  5. Revamp website
  6. Finish homework before the weekend

I’m taking my utter failure to complete my goals almost every month as a lack of planning. I always want to do them, and say I’ll do them, but just never get to them. This month, I’m planning on actually figuring out how I’m going to achieve my goals and then making a plan!

This was just a super quick post this week. Next month I’ll be sure to follow up on how my new “game plan” for my goals. I think that it might help. I just have to plan out my plan! Anyway, I have to get on that! Let me know: What are your goals for October? Thanks for reading and happy spooky season!!!

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8 thoughts on “My Goals for October”

  1. You can do it!!! ❤️ My goals for October is to beat my September blog stats, reach 1000 followers in twitter and just be excellent in school as I’m starting today! 🙈

    Here’s to a fruitful October for us! 🧡


  2. Love these goals! Hope you’re able to ace them all! I’m hoping to catch up on some schoolwork and start reading again this month (I have been severely procrastinating, hahaha, it’s surprising how online classes are more exhausting than real life ones)!


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