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10 Fall Activities For Bored Teens

Hello friends! It’s finally fall, and there’s so many exciting things to do! Although, if you’re like me and my friends, you’ll take 10 hours to figure out what you want to do. True story- every week we plan to hang out, brainstorm ideas, everyone says “I don’t care,” and then we end up walking up to get ice cream. It gets boring after a while, and now that it’s fall, ice cream isn’t going to fly! That’s why today, I am bringing you some fun-filled fall activities!

**All images in this post are sourced from pexels**

Apple Picking

A classic! Akin to pumpkin picking, but more fun!  An hour or two in the orchid decked out in denim and flannel will land you some delicious apples and a great photo op! Just think about all of the decadent desserts you can make with your freshly-picked apples- pies, strudel, apple sauce…


So many pros to this one: yummy food, cute pictures, good company. The only downside is that brunch can get a bit pricey, but get creative! Look for small coffee shops in your area or consider making a breakfast spread for your squad, or just yourself! That is self care at it’s finest and tbh, I would trade my younger sister for a plate full of french toast, fresh fruit, and chai tea.

Embark on a hike

Now that school’s in full swing, it can often be hard to find time to move your body! Instead of lounging in a basement all day, go for a hike or walk! Such a serene scene- the forest path lined with leaves that crunch under your feet as you stroll under the now colorful trees. Ugh! Yes please!

Movie night

I don’t know what it is, but something about fall screams movie nights! Call your pals, pick a genre, pop the corn, and you’ve got yourself a festive activity! Bonus points if you watch a horror movie outside on a projector cuddled up under a blanket!

Puruse your local farmer’s market

Buy local! Support small business by heading down to a farmers market! It’s not just produce, many markets sell adorable handmade accessories or decorations like candles and earrings. Make sure to grab an apple cider donut on your way out!

Visit a sunflower field

Now this is one for the ‘gram! Pile your friends into a car, blast some tunes, and head on down to a nearby sunflower field! It may be a little tricky to find one in your area, but if you’re lucky enough, it’s a great place to take pictures and go for a walk!


Honestly, I don’t know if there is anything more fall-y than baking?!? There are so many treats to choose from, and I know that I have been saving recipes nonstop for the past few weeks. This could be so fun! Everyone gets in some comfy clothes, gathers in someone’s kitchen and whips up some fabulous sweets!


If you or one of your friends has a fire pit, this is a must do! Light a fire, cuddle up in a blanket, play some music, chat, make some epic s’mores, and set some things on fire. Perhaps the only downside is the smoke clinging to you, but that’s a simple price to pay!

Go thrifting

Maybe it’s not the safest with the pandemic and all, but that’s up to you to decide… Thrifting benefits everyone- you, the environment, and your community! Have a blast searching through racks to find some stunning fall pieces to add to your wardrobe (for only a fraction of the price)! Oh! While you’re there, look for some cool pieces that could double as a halloween costume!

Corn maze

I did this a year or two ago, and honestly it was a mess, but a fun mess! It felt like we were trapped in there for days and after we started to fight, we surrendered and had an employee take us to an exit… If you’re someone who’s up for a challenge, convince your friends to join you in a corn maze! Consider going at night or hitting up a haunted corn maze for some added fun! (TIP: wear some crappy sneakers because the maze can be muddy!)

Fall is such a magical time of year, and there are so many cozy and/or spooky things to do! So, if you and your friends aren’t quite sure what to do tonight, send them this list and have your pick!! If it were up to me I’d go with a massive mash-up of them and have a bonfire while watching a spooky movie on a projector and munching on some freshly-baked cookie. Actually, I may have to force my friends to do that with me tonight because that sounds amazing… Anyways I’m super curious what your favorite fall activity is! Let me know in the comments to give others some more inspo! Thanks for reading and happy fall!

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17 thoughts on “10 Fall Activities For Bored Teens”

  1. These are such great ideas Meghan! I really love to bake during the fall although with school I haven’t had much time! I’ve been to a corn maze with my family a few years ago and it was so much fun! I’ll have to check if there’s a sunflower field in my area though! I haven’t been to one and it sounds like fun! 💖


  2. Unfortunately we’re well into spring here in Sydney! Nonetheless, this was such a lovely post Meghan! Really gave me all the cosy fall vibes. I felt like I was a part of all the scenes you described! That’s the hallmark of a great writer 😘 Such pretty photos and the best ideas! I do agree with fruit picking. Much more fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Such fun ideas!! I think I’ll be going to a corn maze and pumpkin patch next weekend, which I’m super excited for, and I’m planning a movie night with my gal pals, too!

    Miles of smiles,


  4. Omg, love this! I swear my personality literally is just fall. These are all my fav activities!!! I’m obsessed with going out to brunch and hiking! I think I might be going to a pumpkin patch tomorrow too, so I’m so excited!! 🎉😊


  5. Movie nights!!! I don’t know why but I always have Harry Potter movie marathon in this time of the year. For some reason, Harry Potter movies have that cozy mood! Great post, Meghan!!
    Probably, a big group of people hates self promoting, but I just wanna say that I upload my first blog post on my blog, so it would be really great if you check my blog and that post. Ty and ly 🙂


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