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“The Middle:” Mid-week Inspiration

Hello friends! Wednesday got you down? Are you feeling unmotivated or sick of the constant routine of life? Honestly, same, but then I read an amazing piece of writing sent to me by the lovely Grace entitled “The Middle.” It seriously had me wanting to do something spontaneous and live it up, and I get the same effect every time I read it. Okay, okay, I’ll stop rambling now so you can get a few words from Grace herself before you read “The Middle!”

Hi! My name is Grace and I am so excited to have my writing be featured on this blog! I am a high school student who has always had a passion for writing. This is one of my first writings I have ever published outside of school and I am so grateful that Meghan accepted my idea! I am So thankful to have found such a great community and will never forget this opportunity as the amazing thing it is!

The Middle

Gosh, do I love the beginning of things. Who doesn’t love when their favorite song starts playing unexpectedly or the first bite of that one food you have been craving for months? It’s exciting to try new things or to start anything quite frankly, no matter how many times you have done it before. Endings are hard but, a lot of times they come with feelings of gratitude or achievement. Like when you finish a test or say goodbye to your childhood house and town.
Our beginnings and endings are so special. But, what about the middle? We live most of our lives in the middle and we get used to our middle. Our work days seem to get monotonous. We get used to the paths we walk and the shoes we once loved, seem to lose their lust. But, we could change that.
We can stop and look at what we have. We will hug or call the people that have chosen to stay in our lives and have shown us love  and we will hug them tighter despite their flaws. How even though our day to day schedule seems like it will never change, you can decide to do something special for yourself tonight. Even though we walk the same paths as we always have, today we will look at the newly blooming flowers and the new people that walk it with you. And those shoes we were talking about, well today we will remember all the places they have taken us. When we see someone smile for the first time we are surprised at how beautiful they are, and when we look back on their smiles after they are gone, we realize how much better those smiles made your life.
The end and beginning are such powerful things but, there are only two of them. You cannot redo or experience an end and a beginning of a certain thing more than once.  Love the middle with all of your heart because the 20th smile you see, the fifth time you decide to take a walk, the 40th time you pass a test, and the 3000th day you get the opportunity to wake up and live, is just as special as your first and last. 

I hope you enjoyed reading! I myself do not live life perfectly and don’t be mad at yourself if you feel like you don’t either. This article is meant to inspire and let ourselves relish in the amazing normalities of our lives! Hope this left you feeling a little bit better about your day! xoxo -Grace

Do you feel inspired? I sure do! I truly believe that every teen can benefit from embracing the words that Grace has to offer. So, thank you Grace for sharing this piece, and thank you for reading! Happy living!

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