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My August Goals

Hello friends! It’s August 1st, so you know what that means – my monthly goals! July felt really long, but also went by super quickly. I’m honestly glad it’s over because July was not it, let me tell you… I’m ready for a fresh start and some new (and more manageable) goals that August brings. I also have some pretty fun news over on my Instagram, so be sure to check it out once you’re done reading (I’ll link it below)! Okay, let’s get into my goals for this month!

Goals for August:

  1. Keep up with new schedule 🤭
  2. DRINK WATER (96oz daily)
  3. Go to bed before 10:30 most nights
  4. Spend less than four hours daily on phone
  5. Create a hygiene routine
  6. Finish all summer work
  7. Start September content
  8. List >20 items on poshmark!!
  9. Find new and engage more with similar creators

How last month’s goals went

1. Make wearing sunscreen a habit
2. DRINK WATER (96 oz daily)
3. Finish summer work for English
4. Try/create new recipes
5. 10k steps every day
6. Commit to Law of Attraction work
7. Redesign website!!
8. Go to bed by 10 every night

July really just wasn’t my month, although I feel like I say that every month now… I’m not sure if it was that my goals were unachievable, but I don’t think they were, or if it was just my overall lack of motivation for the better part of the month. Perhaps it was a combination of the two because I did not achieve any of my goals – any of them. I mean, I kind of completed four and five, but not really I tried maybe five recipes this month, but that’s it, and for my steps, I got 10,000 steps 23 out of 31 days, so I guess that isn’t that bad! There’s really not that much to say about the other goals, I just didn’t try to complete them.

I am extremely disappointed that I could not redesign my website due to some technical difficulties. I do, however, plan on doing so in September because I get my IPad back for school. One of the changes that I was going to announce with the rebranding was my IGTV announcement that I made today! It’s really not that exciting, but I think it is, so if you are not already following me on Instagram, I highly recommend you do so!

cute pic, right?!? 😉

Fingers crossed that August rocks! I am loaded with motivation that will hopefully carry me through the bulk of the month, and loads of fun content coming at you, so be on the lookout! How did July go for you? Did you complete your goals? What goals do you have for yourself this August? I’m dying to know!!! Anyway, thank you for reading and happy August!


9 thoughts on “My August Goals”

  1. I just discovered your blog and I loved this post! I’ve just started my own blog and am hoping it will keep me motivated, but your goals and bullet journaling has inspired me a lot to do better so thank you!


  2. It’s so inspiring to see your August goals! I’m sure you’ll smash them. Your bullet journal looks really well-organised too, I’m in awe! Drinking water is such a good habit of mine, from the age of nine I was very consistent with drinking water and it’s so beneficial. I’m so grateful to have clean water coming from the taps! Even in established countries like Spain you can’t always drink from the taps so I’m super grateful for that. Wait lol, I just went on a rant about water hygiene. Sorry Meghan – you didn’t have to hear that haha. Your goal about engaging with similar creators is gonna be a shared goal – because I really want to do it too! Through Instagram especially, I want to brach out to new creators and read their blogs. Thank you for such a motivational post. Can’t wait to see how well you complete these goals (I already know you’ll smash them). Happy Saturday! x


      1. You’re more than welcome! I do look forward to making some new blogging bonds 🙂 Especially through your now community based blog! You said in the update yesterday that you’re wanting to branch out to more creators. That’s super cool: good luck and I can’t wait to read the blogs x

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  3. I’m so glad that you’re sharing your monthly goals, Meghan! Reading them has definitely helped me see you grow and it’s quite inspiring! Your bullet journal is so cute!! 😍 I hope you have a great August! 😊

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