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What To Put In Your School Survival Kit

Hello friends! I’m Meghan, and at my lunch table I’m known as the girl who never talks, but has everything you could need in her bag. It’s actually kind of funny, someone will ask someone for something and I’ll overhear so I’ll open up my bag and pull out whatever they ask for. Bobby pins/hair ties? You got it! Mints? Got it! Spilled something on your brand new shirt? I got you! Right now, I’m going to tell you what I keep in my bag. These items are all super affordable, and you can find most of them over at your local convenience/ drug store!

My friends and I always have a blast perusing the mini toiletries at Walgreens while making our “school survival kits!” So, grab a cute pouch that’ll fit into your backpack and get ready because now I’m going to show you what’s in my school kit! The items I’m going to tell you are absolutely essential for the school year, and you never know when you might need them!

Hand Sanitizer

Especially for this year, hand sanitizer is a must! I have a Bath and Body Works in my bag, but I would definitely recommend bringing something that’s less scented so as to not disturb anyone. I swear, wherever I put on this hand sanitizer someone looks around and goes “What’s that smell?”


So, technically, most schools don’t allow you to carry advil or tylenol, but I put it on here because with more than 150 eight hour school days, you are bound to get some aches and pains. I’m completely obsessed with my little travel container of advil from Target. It’s a lifesaver from killer headaches and post practice pains. Please just be super careful with it, obviously don’t take some right in front of your teachers, and be sure to ask your parents before putting it in your bag.


You never know when you could be in a pinch! Maybe you forget your lunch and have to buy, or there’s a pop-up bake sale after school, you definitely do not want to miss out on those cookies! In general, I think that you should always have some cash on you, just in case. Consider carrying $10 or $15 with you in your bag for “emergencies.”


Some mornings are chaotic, and you can forget to swipe on some deo, but fear not because with these little guys, you won’t have to smell all day! It’s actually embarrassing how much I forget to put on deodorant. Luckily, I can apply some in between classes with the cutest deodorant ever. I love the baby versions of products; they’re all so cute! Anyway, I got a little mini deodorant over at the dollar store, but I also know that people love Secret Freshies! They’re all the same thing, I just get worried that my freshie would roll away!!

Feminine Products

You never know, and there’s nothing worse than having to make do with toilet paper for a class period because you ran out of tampons – trust me. While pads can be really bulky and annoying, you should always have some on hand! Even if you prefer tampons, you may be approached by a friend who prefers pads, and vice versa. Remember to restock every so often!

Hand Cream

Say “no” to dry hands (especially with the obsessive amount of hand washing you’ll be doing)!!! Once again, mine is from Target (‘cause where else?!?) it smells absolutely amazing and it lasts forever. It keeps my hands incredibly soft, and prevents uncomfortable skin issues from gripping a pencil all day! Definitely a must-have!


Chapstick is crucial, especially during the winter! My lips get destroyed when it gets chilly out, and it’s unbearable! Save yourself from some discomfort and stash a few chapsticks (or vaseline) in your bag. I always keep three or four sticks in my bag because I ALWAYS lose them! My favorite is Burt’s bees, for no particular reason.

Tide Stick

Tide to-gos are absolute LIFE SAVERS! There have been countless times at lunch where someone at my table spills something on their clothing and then gets really upset. That means that it’s my shining moment to whip out my tide stick and save the day!!! It’s so easy to use and works like a dream – stains are gone in seconds!

Portable Charger

Now, this one will make you some best friends. Almost every day, someone comes into school with their IPad dangerously low and then searches the class for a portable charger. If you’re a generous person, you may even find that others use it more than you!

Add ons you might want to consider:

Bobby pins
Cough drops
Facial/oil wipes
An extra face mask😷
Mini hairbrush
Gift cards
Hair ties

That’s it!! I always have so much fun putting together kits for school! I love how cute they always turn out! What’s something that you absolutely have to have with you in your bag? Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know! Have the best time searching for some things to keep in your bag, and have a great school year!


27 thoughts on “What To Put In Your School Survival Kit”

  1. Meghan, you and I are so similar! I always carry my backpack at school since we’re allowed and I always have everything ( even my giant TI calculator 😂 ) this post just reminded me to stock up on things I may need this school year and it was very helpful! 💗


  2. I always have a ton of stuff (some that I don’t really need haha) in my backpack! But it’s better to be prepared!


  3. Great post. Nice reminders. I’d also add to the list….tampons/pads, nail clipper,and an extra phone charger.


  4. I totally relate with the hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works. I have the eucalyptus one for stress relief and it had a really strong smell that everyone around me also asks me that question. 😂 One thing I always have to have in my bag that is not on the list is my earphones. Btw, I have never heard of tide sticks before. It will definitely be added to my to-buy list.


  5. I loved this post, it was so helpful!! I’ve always carried deodorant and chapstick with me, but sometimes I loose them, so keeping them all in one place in a little kit is definitely a good idea!!


  6. How thoughtful of you, Meghan. Love that hand sanitizer is on top of the list. Maybe a spare face mask will also help. It may not always match with your cute outfit but it will sure protect you. What do you think?


  7. Deodorant and feminine hygiene are a must for me to carry on! I’m that girl, that’s always sharing her stuff bc I pack more than I need( just in case ofc)😂😂
    This list is spot on though, I legit carry all these thing 🙂


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