4 Things to Remember this Holiday Season

Hello friends!! Welcome to day 7 of my 12 days of vlogmas!! Today’s post is a little bit of a cringery one, but I thought it was important. Things are definitely different this holiday season, and I’ve got a few reminders for you to keep your spirits up and help you enjoy the holidays.

I wrote this post based on my own experiences and things I would like to keep in mind during this time, so some things are oddly specific, but you can just look a little past that!! Nevertheless, I truly believe that remembering these things will help reorient your perspective.

Love knows no distance.

This year especially. I know that I’m not going to see my (extended) family this Christmas. It does feel a little odd that we are going to be apart, but it really isn’t worth the risk. No matter what your situation is this holiday season, know that even though you may not be able to see your loved ones, their and your love for each other is still as strong as ever.

Food is not your enemy.

This one may feel a little out of left field, but I know that the holidays can be a challenging time for many people. Caroline from Evorline actually wrote a magnificent blog post filled with tips for those who suffer from an eating disorder. I know that it’s not as simple as saying “eat,” but everyone has a unique relationship with food, and it’s important to remember that you need to nourish your body, and withholding your favorite foods may hurt you more than help.

Gifts aren’t what make the holidays special.

While gifts are a huge part of the holidays, and a nice little bonus, they are merely just that- a part of it. What really makes this time special is the intensified care for strangers, blocking out time for your loved ones, and the overwhelming feel of unity. Okay, that sounds so incredibly cheesy, I know, but this holiday may be different than what you’re used to gift-wise, and it’s important to keep other aspects of the holidays in mind.

You are loved.

For real. I mean, I seriously love you for just reading this blog. I know that sometimes it may not feel like it, and it may feel like everyone and everything is against you, but I promise you that that is not the case. There are people who love you more than you’ll ever know, even if they’re not all that good at showing it.

Those are just a few reminders for this incredibly special and unique season. Before you go, make sure that you’re subscribed to my blog and following my Instagram, so you don’t miss out on the holiday content that’s coming soon!! You can also catch up on all of the rest of my holiday content HERE! Thanks for reading and happy blogmas!!

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3 thoughts on “4 Things to Remember this Holiday Season”

  1. Yess these are sooo true! Knowing you are loved is sooo important, and I’m the same as you, I’m not seeing my extended family but I’m trying to keep in touch with them as much as possible!

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