My Christmas Wishlist

Hello friends! It is day 6 of my 12 days of blogmas- halfway there! Today I thought I would share my wishlist with you! To be honest, it’s pretty boring. My family is moving in early January, and I’m finally getting my own room, so I’m asking for some basic furniture for christmas. Well, not for christmas, my family decided that we’d just order that stuff when we get into the new house, but we’re still including it on my wish list!

Plantfusion chocolate protein powder

White sheets

Grey bedding set

Bullet Journal

Minimalistic necklace

From Etsy!!

New phone


Bed frame

Dinosaur phone case

But in a phone case- from Hailey’s Stickers


GoMacro bars

Citrus fruit Nuun

Compiling all of these links really makes me feel like a greedy little monster. Gifts and I have a love hate relationship, but it’s okay- you know? I’m literally so interested as to what y’all are asking for for christmas, so let me know in the comments!! Before you go, make sure that you’re subscribed to my blog and following my Instagram, so you don’t miss out on the holiday content that’s coming soon!! You can also catch up on all of the rest of my holiday content HERE! Thanks for reading and happy blogmas!!

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