My Favorite Vlogmas Videos of 2020

Hello friends! Welcome to day 4 of my 12 Days of Blogmas! The anticipation towards Christmas is hella high, and it’s being fueled by some pretty awesome YouTubers! I mean, is it just me, or does watching a few daily vlogmas videos always cheer you up and put you in the holiday spirit!?! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite vlogmas videos with you all! These videos are oh-so festive and are sure to give you a needed dose of Christmas cheer! Let’s get to it!!

Jules Skeebs

First of all Jules has the best vibes, like ever! She seems so genuine. I recently started watching her videos, and her christmas videos are adorable! She has a little series called “Adventures with Jules” where she completes items off of her bucket list. She is currently working on her winter bucket list, which is full of fun and festive activities!! Her “EXTREME CHRISTMAS ROOM TRANSFORMATION” video made me so happy, and I think you need to give it a watch.

Amber Schulz

Amber is a high school runner! I have been obsessed with her channel for about a year now, and she’s now doing vlogmas which I am so excited about!! She mostly blogs, but she recently posted “Runner’s Christmas Essentials.” Amber has great energy and shares really creative ideas in this video. This is definitely the video to watch if you’re a runner or if you need a gift for a runner!

Eli May

Eli is so kind! We occasionally chat on Instagram, and it’s always great! Besides his kind soul, he is a fabulous youtuber! He is participating in a hardcore vlogmas so he is posting every single day. My current favorite video of his is his Xmas Decor Haul!! It’s an extension of a vlog her did where he went shopping for decorations with his partner!

Grace Ariya

Grace has really entertaining vlogs!     She’s so well-put together and has a really calming energy- it must be her darling accent!! She is doing weely vlogs for vlogmas, and she has put two up her channel right now. Honestly, I love both of them! They’re super entertaining and comforting, like any other vlog, but she includes bits of christmas activities. I love how it isn’t overwhelmingly Christmas-y!

Caroline Manning

Caroline is the only “larger” YouTubers I watch. She has all sorts of videos! My favorite vlogmas video of her’s is her Christmas wishlist! She has some really cool ideas on this video. And who doesn’t love a Christmas wishlist video?

Jessica Lilly

Jess is hilarious!! She is doing her own take on vlogmas with jessmas, which is so precious!! Fitting right on in with her other videos, her “Christmasing up my room to be fEsTiVe” video is classic jess!! Obviously, she decorates her room, but it’s a little more entertaining because she has some cute jokes and transitions!

Make sure to check out these videos! The creators work so hard and have amazing content! I haven’t had much time to find new YouTubers lately, so let me know your favorite YouTubers in the comments! Before you go, make sure that you’re subscribed to my blog and following my Instagram, so you don’t miss out on the holiday content that’s coming soon!! You can also catch up on all of the rest of my holiday content HERE! Thanks for reading and happy blogmas!!

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