How to Organize Secret Santa

Hello friends! Welcome to the first day of my 12 days of blogmas!! To kick it off, I’m bringing you a guide to secret santa. This was a very popular thing among my friend group in middle school, and my sister and I were always the one’s to host them! Secret santa is great for larger friend groups so you don’t feel pressured to get everyone a gift, or feel guilty when someone gets you a present and you have nothing in return!

I’m assuming that everyone knows the basic premis of secret santa- everyone picks a name out of their group to give a gift to. The exciting part of this is that no one knows who’s going to give a gift to who! The whole thing is pretty simple, but I remember extensively googling it in 6th grade, so I thought I would write this up for anyone looking for a fun and festive time!!

1. Find your people

Start a group chat and find everyone!! There’s no need to exclude anyone in this year’s secret santa, no ma’am! Trust me when I say you can do this with everyone because in 6th grade I hosted a secret santa that included my friends, my friend’s friends, and soem ther people who I don’t quite know got involved but showed up anyway! It ended up being about 20 or more girls, but we had a blast! So, invite your friends and don’t hesitate to say “yes” when they ask to include others!

2. Choose who’s gifting who

After that last paragraph you may be thinking “but Meghan, how the heck am I going to do this with SO many people?!?” And to that I say: !! Seriously so helpful- you put in everyone’s name, email them a link (that includes the rules), and then it draws the names for you!! You can also go with the classic “names in a hat” if you prefer that!!

3. Set a price limit

This is the amount that no one can spend over when purchasing a gift. It is meant to keep the ordeal fair. Think about everyone involved when you come up witha number. Sure, $30 may be reasonable for you, but maybe not everyone. That’s not to say that $30 is too high, but just be considerate.

Psst… check out my teenage gift guide to find the perfect secret santa gift!!

4. Choose a time and place

This is added fun, but definitely not necessary! Pick a date a week or so from when you picked names to give everyone time to go and get their presents! If you or one of your close friends is willing to have everyone over and if there is a safe way to do it, invite everyone over for a little holiday party (more or less) and gift exchange. If you have tons of people, you may want to consider having everyone mail items, or simply dropping them off at their houses!

5. Meet and exchange gifts!!

This is dependent on how you and your group decide to exchnage gifts, but if you have a space to meet safely, make it festive! Maybe it’s just me, but I wil take any chance I get to turn something into a thing. Consider having snacks and drinks, a game or two, and some cozy decorations!

That’s it everyone! It’s pretty simple, I think I managed to overcomplicate it a bit- sorry about that! Despite that, I’m sure you and your squad will have a fantastic time partaking in secret santa this season!! Before you go, make sure that you’re subscribed to my blog and following my Instagram, so you don’t miss out on the holiday content that’s coming soon!! You can also catch up on all of the rest of my holiday content HERE! Thanks for reading and happy blogmas!!

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