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February Favorites

So far, February has been insane. The weather where I am cannot make up its mind. One day it’s 50 degrees and sunny, the next is raining, and then we’ll have 15 degrees and snow. To say the least, my skin has been suffering. Consequently, most of the items on list are skin care, but not all of them.

I’m new to blogging, so I don’t know the exact procedure for this, but giving you a little heads up, none of the products I have linked below/review in this post are sponsored. Therefore, I make no money if you choose to purchase these products 🙂

Carmex Lip Balm

This lip balm is insanely cheap. I have a few chapsticks that I love, but I’m not really loving paying $8-$15 for one stick that I eventually lose. I’m partial to the little squeezy tube that you can get at Target for $2.79, but they any usually available drug or grocery store for a similar price. This lip balm is a lifesaver. I have really dry lips that often bleed, but this helps to sooth cracks and irritation.

DSG Sweatpants

If you’ve read my “10 facts about me” post you may know that I as the type of person who wears sweatpants 24/7. I simply cannot express my love for these sweatpants. I have both the joggers and open hem pants, but I feel like I need ten more pairs so I can wear them every day without getting hounded about it. The outside is soft enough to be comfy, but not enough that it’s weird to wear them to the gym. The lining is so warm and keeps me comfortable all day. If you don’t own any DSG apparel, you should check it out. They’re high quality for next to nothing.

Mario Badescu Spray

I’m officially joining in the Mario Badescu hype. It’s perfect to refresh skin without the oil. When I come home from school, my skin is parched and using moisturizer more than once a day makes my skin really oily. This spray is the perfect solution. However, the spray aggregated my scalp when I spayed it in my hair, so be careful of that. My favorite spray is the pink one with aloe, herbs, and rose water.

Essential Oil Diffuser

Before I plugged this bad boy in, I could not sleep and always had headaches. To say the very least, this thing does wonders. It reduces my headaches, anxiety, stuffy noses, and helps me sleep and stay relaxed. Not to mention, it looks great in my room. The first diffuser I got was brutally murdered by my cat (probably wasn’t the best idea to get the clay model). My favorite oils are Aveda lavender and vanilla for night time. Lavender is amazing at coxing you to sleep, but the smell makes me nauseous, so the lavender vanilla mixture is perfection.

NIVEA 48 Hour Moisture

My skin is so incredibly dry and the winter makes the 10000x worse. My legs are weirdly shiny and cracked, almost like scales. Not pretty at all. In the nighttime, I use super duper thick lotion to relive my parched skin. Unfortunately, when I wake up, my legs still feel dry, but thick lotion and jeans are not a fun combo. NIVEA original daily moisture body lotion is perfect in the morning. It gives my skin the moisture it needs, but isn’t oily or thick.

These are just a few products that helped me through this weird winter. What products have helped you through February?


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