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Coconut Oil Hair Mask

I’m really excited to start this process because my hair is the absolute worst. It gets so knotty, dandruff is a problem throughout the entirety of my hair, and it’s insanely frizzy. From what I’ve researched, many people have said that applying raw coconut oil to your hair will fix all of my problems. Additionally, research told me that the results were pretty mixed. So, I’ve decided to debunk this controversy once and for all and share my results.

How It Went

My hair felt so weird when I first put it in. It went from dry and frizzy to greasy beach waves. (Honestly, I was kinda digging it.) I used about two teaspoons from about two inches from my roots to the tips. I tried to spread it as evenly as possible, but it was really hard. I let it sit for a little more than an hour and then rinsed it out with lukewarm water. My hair felt drier than I expected as I was rising it out, but it also had a duck like quality to it. It was repelling water, which made it feel a wee bit oily and plush. I dried my hair as normal, air and then put it in two two braids before I go to sleep. As I was plaiting them, I noticed that my hair, especially the ends was stiff.

The next morning my hair was horrendous. It was incredibly oily. I twisted it into a side braid and let it sit there throughout the school day. When I took it out to put it up for practice, at least 5 people asked why my hair was soaked. After conversing with my teammates, I gathered that it would take around three washes for the oil to come out, per their experiences. I got home from school and rinsed my hair twice, using conditioner once.

The next two days were not favorable. The wetness quality only decreased slightly each day. At this point, I had washed my hair five times. The tips of my hair were dry and incredibly soft, but the upper middle of my hair and where my ponytails gathers was still oily.

Over the weekend I noticed that my hair was drying from the outside in. On Sunday, it was mostly dry, but once again, the upper middle section was still oily. I washed my hair again for a grand total of 9 washes over a 7 day period. Monday it was mostly dry and it was fully dry on Tuesday.


Even though the pictures are low quality, the difference is baffling. Look how good my hair looks in the second picture! Overall, I did notice that by the time my hair was dry it became less frizzy, softer, fuller, more manageable, and shiny (basically a major hair upgrade). However, the time it took to wash out was insane. While putting coconut oil in my hair had many benefits, the process was difficult. If you want to try it I would recommend doing it on a week where you can hideout or have your hair in protective styles. Perhaps because I have long hair to took longer to wash out, so there may still be hope if you want to put coconut oil in your hair regularly. If being oily for a week isn’t for you, I recommend trying a hair mask.


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