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My May Goals

It’s that time again… my monthly goals!!! I know, you are all very excited to hear them, so I won’t ramble for too long 😉 Every month, I like to post my goals because I feel like it holds me more accountable for them. I also recap my goals from last month and review how I did. I know, super exciting.

My goals for May:

  1. Drink 3 bottles of water a day (96 oz)
  2. Focus more on strength training and less on speed
  3. Say affirmations every day
  4. Get more than 5,000 steps every day
  5. Limit sweets and processed food (only one or two serving a day)
  6. Sell 3 items on Poshmark
  7. Maintain a good posting schedule
  8. Spend one hour outside without screens daily

How last month’s goals went

My goals for last month were to:

  1. Drink a gallon of water every day
  2. Spend less than 4.5 hours daily on my phone
  3. Get in at least 5000 steps daily
  4. Eat a vegetable every day
  5. Start bullet journaling
  6. Read a book
  7. Create more cohesive content
  8. Reach 250 followers on Instagram
  9. Post two blog posts a week and every other day on Instagram
My completed April habit tracker

The goals I focused the most on were eating a vegetable everyday, posting two blog posts a week, and to read a book. I ended up doing pretty well in all three. I finished a book and only missed one week of posting twice. Actually, last month I set a posting schedule of new blog posts every Wednesday and Saturday and an Instagram post every other day. I ended up reading a book as well! I read “Love, Stargirl;” I didn’t love it, but it made me smile at certain points. The last goals that I could track and wanted to focus on was eating one serving of vegetables everyday. I did very well in tha! I only missed four days. The opposite happened for my goal to drink a gallon of water every day. I only did it for mmm days; I figured out that this was unrealistic, and shifted my goal for this month to fit my needs better.

What are your goals for this month? Let me know in the comments— I’m curious. Thank you for reading and happy May!


11 thoughts on “My May Goals”

  1. That is very cool. I like the way you make keepable goals and stick to them. I penalise myself a lot, but reading this has given me a better mindset. 🙂🙂 Xx


  2. I love your goals for May. I’m also trying to drink more water especially as the weather gets warmer!


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