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Teenage Bucket List: 100 Things to do While in High School

Hello friends! If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that we have to savor every moment. We often put things off, just expecting them to happen, but sometimes we have to make them happen! To help you do this, and have the best and most memorable teenage years/high school experience, I compiled a list of classic and entertaining activities that will make you feel like you made the most of your youth! I am NOT saying that I have done these things, or that I am planning to do these things, nor am I implying that you must/should do them before you graduate. This post is just for inspiration for you and/or your friends decide to make a fun little High School Bucket List!

  1. Take inevitably awkward first day of school pictures
  2. Write a letter to your future self to read when you graduate
  3. Attend a sporting event
  4. Join clubs
  5. Go to Friday night lights
  6. Befriend upperclassmen
  7. Attend homecoming
  8. Pick apples with friends
  9. Hayride
  10. Complete a corn maze
  11. Bake with friends
  12. Be in a group halloween costume
  13. Have a sleepover
  14. Be added to a huge class group chat
  15. Partner up with someone different
  16. Pull an all nighter
  17. Participate in a pep rally!
  18. Go ice skating
  19. Show school spirit
  20. Organize secret Santa
  21. Attend a school concert
  22. Celebrate New Year’s with friends
  23. Go sledding
  24. Have a snowball fight
  25. Complete work in a cafe
  26. Galentine’s Day
  27. Make a new friend
  28. Go to a concert
  29. Volunteer
  30. Thrift for summer clothes with friends
  31. Spend the day at the mall
  32. Join a sports team
  33. Participate in spirit week
  34. Send your friends off to prom during promenade
  35. Stay out past curfew
  36. Create a study group for finals
  37. Watch your friends graduate
  38. Go to grad parties
  39. Have a water balloon fight
  40. Eat a tub of Ben and Jerrys
  41. Get a job
  42. Go night swimming
  43. Watch the sunrise
  44. Watch the sunset
  45. Go to the boardwalk
  46. Have a movie marathon
  47. Sneak out
  48. Meet up with old friends
  49. Learn to drive
  50. Have your first kiss
  51. Attend a fair
  52. Pull an all nighter
  53. Go to a party
  54. Make friends with kids from another town
  55. Go on a “date”
  56. Attend a sweet 16
  57. Sign up to help out at an event
  58. Go into the city with friends
  59. Spend time with your family
  60. Befriend a teacher
  61. Bring coffee to class
  62. Study your butt off
  63. Get your driver’s license
  64. Visit a friend at college
  65. Run for student council
  66. Take a study hall
  67. Go to a fancy restaurant with friends
  68. Dedicate time to your younger siblings
  69. Make varsity
  70. Late night drives
  71. Go on an adventure
  72. Step outside of your comfort zone
  73. Make honor roll
  74. Get lost
  75. Go to a theme park
  76. Drive down to the beach
  77. Find your passions
  78. Go on a trip with friends
  79. Roadtrip
  80. Be spontaneous
  81. Plan for the future
  82. Spend a day solely with your parents
  83. Visit colleges
  84. Apply for colleges
  85. Shoot your shot
  86. Apply for scholarships
  87. Learn basic life skills
  88. Senior portraits
  89. Befriend underclassmen
  90. Skip school
  91. Be team captain
  92. Support your friends
  93. Senior prank
  94. Go to prom
  95. Participate in senior activities
  96. Senior trip!!
  97. Make a photo album
  98. Visit your old teachers
  99. Get your yearbook signed
  100. Graduate!

You sure will have a fantastic and busy few years if you decide to make and add some of these items to your high school bucket list! Honestly, some of these items on this list may be totally basic or unrealistic, but I was trying to go for a “coming of age” teen movie vibes. Let me know: are you going to make a bucket list for high school? What are you going to put on it? Can’t wait to see wait you’ll say! Good luck completing your list!!


18 thoughts on “Teenage Bucket List: 100 Things to do While in High School”

  1. I love this high school bucket list especially as I’m going into my last year of HS. I think an important part of high school overall( which was on your list) is to get out of your comfort zone. I know before high school, I never liked to try anything out of the ordinary but, know I’m more willing to try new activities and experiences!
    This entire list is giving me high school movie feels! What on this have you achieved or want to achieve the most? I really want to write a letter to my future self that I will open at the end of college 😃😊


    1. So happy to hear that!! Yes- part of me wanted to make some thins as cliche as possible! I honestly can’t wait to get my licenses and drive around with my friends! Definitely write that letter! It’ll be such a cool experience. Have a great senior year!💓

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  2. This was quite a fun post to read, Meghan! I found some ideas to do with friends once we can meet up. I really hope to see my old teachers from Junior High as I haven’t gotten the chance to yet ever since I went to High School! 😍😍

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