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A Teen’s Take on Reopening: It’s okay to be scared

Hello friends! Today I want to talk about how I feel about the United States opening up despite the spike of Coronavirus cases. Now, this is 100% not meant to be a political article, nor should it be taken as such. I simply want to share my feelings with other teens to connect with others and let them know that they are not alone. This particular post is also special because it is the first of a series! As we approach my 6 month anniversary, I’m starting to find my footing and figure out how to do what I originally planned, which was to create a space for my peers to come to for comfort, inspiration, and guidance.

The series, for lack of a better term, is entitled “A Teen’s Take [on…]” and is relatively simple. In these posts, myself, or another teen blogger, will share their feelings and experiences with/on basically anything. The goal/mission of these posts is to relate with fellow teens and to give adults an inside perspective on modern-day youth. With that being said, the following content is just my personal experiences, as I cannot and will not speak for teenagers as a whole. Now that that’s said, let’s get on with the post!

I’m scared. I’m scared to return to normal because there no longer is one. No matter how hard society as a whole wants to go full speed ahead back into the everyday lives they knew before lockdown, it’s not plausible. I’m scared that things will get worse and all of the hope we stockpiled with our toilet paper will be lost. As selfish as it is,  I don’t want to miss out on any more of my high school experience. The things we’ve been looking forward to for years have been ripped from us. We grieved and then got excited for what’s to come next year

That’s not even the beginning of my worries; I’m a very anxious person. My anxiety is flaring at the moment because I was thrown back into the world. I really enjoyed being at home. I’m an introvert– going out isn’t my thing. Not to mention the immense stress school brings me. The environment is so toxic and learning from home was extremely beneficial for me. (Trust me, I know how self-absorbed I sound right now, but someone has to say it!) I found myself during this time. I worked really hard to build a new persona and confidence. What happens when I’m introduced to social situations again? Does it go away? Will I come back the same skittish girl, despite my new personality?

My point in all of this is that I’m scared, but I feel like I’m not alone in that. It completely makes sense to be scared. We are entering a whole new world that dramatically changed over the last four months. No one knows what’s going to happen: How school is going to look, if our parents will get their jobs back, if we can we play our sports that we’ve been training for for months on end. Even if it will happen again, and that’s scary.

I really have to apologize. As I read this back, I realize that this can potentially be more stress-inducing them comforting. However, for the sake of being real, I’m going to leave it; hopefully, someone gets something out of it. I would greatly appreciate it if you’d leave your thoughts and/or suggestions in the comments. Let me know, do you like this type of post? Can you relate to it? How is the situation over in your part of the world? I’m so excited to see what you say. Finally, thank you for reading, and please remember that your feelings are valid.


21 thoughts on “A Teen’s Take on Reopening: It’s okay to be scared”

  1. It was lovely to hear another teens perspective on covid and the reopening go stuff – the same here in England. I do understand your anxiety and it is totally understandable, don’t beat yourself up about it.

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  2. I really related with this! I’m an introvert too, so this time helped me learn about myself and it helped me find myself.
    Most of the people that I know want to go back to school and wish they were back, but even though it was hard to adjust to online school, I felt like it was a greater learning experience for me in a way.
    It was so good to hear your perspective, and to see that I’m not alone in my thoughts.

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  3. I can certainly relate! If you felt terrible saying what you said, here’s my truth. I don’t want to go anywhere! Not to school, not to visit anybody, not on holiday! I just want to sit at home and do things when I want to. I don’t want to be scheduled in. The COVID situation finally gave me a chance to breathe and just be, something I hadn’t felt at all before.

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  4. I totally get what you’re saying! I’m an introvert also and I detest going out, I find that I like to be alone by myself. Being indoors has definitely given me a sense of relief that I didn’t have to get out and interact with others. I personally would prefer to stay indoors rather than go out when there’s still a risk of catching the virus. With things starting to open up, I’m honestly worried about what is going to happen especially with my high school experience going by so fast!


  5. I am really looking forward to this series Meghan! It’s nice to hear thoughts on the whole situation from another teenage point of view! I honestly can not wait to be thrown back into life but at the same time I am totally terrified! I love a routine because they make me feel controlled and things so when lockdown came and a routine I’ve known for such a long time changed I go super worried and I cried a lot. I feel like I am just settling down into a new routine when everything is changing again. I’m just not really sure how to feel! meg x


  6. I’m looking forward to more posts with this series! Don’t worry I’m sure many people are scared because I definitely am! What helps is to think about what you’re most excited to do! I’m excited to see friends / family! 😀


  7. This was almost a crazy thing to read for me! Most people I’ve talked to will not be able to handle it if we don’t go back to school, myself included. There’s a grey area between introvert and extrovert, and I fit right in the middle! Online learning was not so great for me :/ I thrive with people, it was very easy to lose focus, and there was nothing really keeping me engaged. Different learning styles, I guess, but I wish I had yours! What do you think it’ll be like to go back? The general consensus in my town is that we would wear masks and get our temperatures taken every day and do pretty much anything to be back in school with PEOPLE!


  8. I am someone that had to finish my university degree in this pandemic and trust me it was heartbreaking having my final farewells of university taken away by this pandemic. I am scared as well with the uncertainly surrounding this pandemic, so I was so pleased to read this article and have reassurance that I am not alone!!

    Great blog and I can’t wait to read more blogs from you!


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