Merry Christmas!! || What I got for Christmas 2020

Hello friends!! Welcome to day 12 of my 12 days of Blogmas!! Also, a very merry Christmas to everyone!! I hope that everyone can have a good day despite restrictions that may change what your holiday looks like.

I am the sort of person who is just happy to open gifts, and loves surprises, so Christmas morning is a really happy time for me!! I literally drive my family insane because I try to spread all of my presents though out the day!

I am also a little bit obsessed with watching what I got for Christmas videos, so I made one!! I actually film one every year because they’re fun, but I decided to include this little unedited “What I got for Christmas” in this blog post!! Just click the link/video to watch!!

I go into little explanations about the gifts in the video, but if you feel like just looking, I’ve made a list!!

-Chocolate protein powder

-Coconut bowls

-Running gloves

-New balance jacket

-Hailey’s stickers phone case

-Athletic leggings

-Screen protector 

-iPhone 11

-Dinosaur blanket

-Bullet journal


-Bluelight glasses

-Dog Socks

That’s it for blogmas everyone!! I’m so so grateful for everything that my family got for me, and for all of you for reading all of these posts!! Thank you for reading and Merry Christmas!!


19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!! || What I got for Christmas 2020”

  1. Hey! I’m Em, I recently started a blog called Tea for Teens, and I’ve been looking for other teen bloggers. I just found you and I love your blog! Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing your future posts! 🙂 – Em

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