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Small Productive Things to Do While Quarantined

I know you have probably seen at least 10 posts about what to do when you’re bored whilst at home, but this isn’t one of them. I mean, in some respects, yes. You can do these thing while you are bored, but they aren’t busy work, they are productive. These activities will add to your life and day rather than take up time.

FaceTime a grandparent– I FaceTimed my grandma yesterday and I could tell how happy it made her. She lives alone, and can’t see her friends. One could imagine how lonely that must be. If you can do so, contact your grandparents, or any family member that may be having a hard time.

Sell Old Electronics– just because we’re confined to our homes doesn’t mean that we can’t earn some cash. I say electronics, but you could really sell anything. I recommend using a site like Mercari.

Clean out your closet– Holy moly do I have a lot of clothes. After an hour of sorting through them, I had two garage bagfuls. I plan to sell some to a local thrift store as well as thread up, and donate the rest. I promise getting rid of clothes that you don’t wear will make you feel accomplished. Plus, you now have space (and possibly money) for new clothes… it’s a win win.

Do Yoga– Center your soul and gain strength. <— me pretending to have zen… Seriously though, yoga is great for the body and mind. I also feel super refreshed (and possibly sore) after a session. There are plenty on YouTube, but this is one of my favorites.

Connect with an old friend– I have not done this because I am a chicken. However, if you are a super cool extrovert, catch up with your bestie from elementary school. What’s the worst that can happen?

Get ahead on school work– Have work that you’re waiting to do until the day it’s do? Do it now. With our luck, teachers will increase the workload that day leaving you with approximately 10 minutes to get that 20 page worksheet done.

Learn an instrument– I have a piano in my dining room that I haven’t played for eight years. Actually, I don’t think anyone’s played it in eight years… now is the perfect time to pick up that instrument that’s been collecting dust. And by the time this is over, you’ll have a pretty neat skill for the rest of your life.

Spend time with your family– If we’re stuck with ‘em, might as well spend some time with ‘Em, right? Play a board game, watch a show, eat together. If this seems like something you definitely do not want to do because your parents are getting on your nerves, check out my latest post.

Write a letter to a family member– I am in the process of writing my grandparents “open when letters.” They are really time consuming, but I’m sure they will thrill them. Basically, they are sets of letters in individual envelopes for certain situations (i.e. open when you are sad). Individuals letters are also great.

Take classes on Brit+Co– ACT FAST!!! Brit+Co has free classes until March 31st, just use the code “selfcare.” They have some really good classes like calligraphy and photography.

Prep healthy meals– One of my newfound “hobbies” is prepping produce. Holy guac, I am obsessed. It’s also helped me eat a lot healthier. If time was always the reason that you weren’t eating they way you want to, do it now!

Sort through bins and donate– My household can’t be the only one with a hundred random bins full of junk. Choose a few to sort out. Maybe you’ll find something really cool or something that you thought was lost forever.

Stretch– Similar to yoga, but less effort. Take ten minutes to realize the tension in your muscles. I promise you’ll feel better after.

Meditate– This is really hard at first, but people swear it makes a difference. I recommend using Calm to help you get started.

Workout– Not saying that you need a beach body, but I’m one of those people who really wants abs. With all of this free time I’ll get a six-pack in no time… catch us and our rock hard abs at the beach 😉 (yes, I understand how cringy that was).

Spend time with your pet– the poor babies are home all day and crave your attention. Now that you’re home, you can give it to them!

Follow Your dreams– want to start a business or a YouTube channel? New is your time! Seriously, go for it. I support you 1000000%

Pick up a new hobby– We spend so much time at school that we have little to no other interests. Take this time to explore your other interests and develop a skill/pastime that you really love.

If you aren’t quite satisfied with these ideas, my girl Sophie has a similar post on her blog, you can pop on over to her page to get some other ideas. It’s spectacular that you want to use this time to improve yourself, but it’s also a very stressful time. If you aren’t feeling up to it, that’s okay too. I hope you found something to pass the time, stay safe and healthy!


12 thoughts on “Small Productive Things to Do While Quarantined”

  1. Hey, I see you’ve already done a post about what to do during Quarantine (an amazing one btw). Do you mind doing another one for my tag? No pressure
    Stay safe
    ~Girl Online


    1. Hey! So sorry I didn’t respond! I’m finding a bunch of comments now… (I’m still getting the hang of this!) Can you tell me more? I’m fine with doing another one, I just don’t fully understand. Still, thank you so much for thinking of me! I hope you are and continue to stay safe as well💕


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