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A Digital Care Package for You

Hello friends! I know this time has been hard, and I wanted to send/give you something to brighten your day! Here you’ll find some freebies and other links or images that I think you may find helpful.


You know what’s even better than chocolate? Free chocolate. I haven’t received my order yet, so I can’t 100% verify that this is legit, but I found y’all some free chocolate. All you need to do is provide your, birthday, phone number, full name, and address. This is valid in the US, but I can’t find any information on where else it’s available. I say give it a try anyway!

Sorry, I couldn’t find anymore… they’re all out dated 😕


Got the baking bug? I got you. Here’s some super yummy and comforting recipes:

Banana Bread– use up those nasty bananas and whip up some delicious ‘nana bread! This recipe is super chocolaty and only requires one bowl, so minimal clean up!

Chocolate Chip Cookies– aka the ultimate nostalgic dessert. I love this recipe because I like chunky and chewy cookies, but Grace Ariya also has a pretty bomb recipe.

Bloomin’ Grilled Apples– One of my favorite desserts!!! Think apple pie à la mode without the pie crust 😋

Brownie Cheesecake Bars– My mouth is watering just thinking about these babies! Brownie, cheesecake, caramel, and Oreos, smushed together to creat the perfect dessert. They’re truly **chef’s kiss**

Self Care

After a bunch brainstorming and trial and error I’ve decided that the best way I can help you with self care is to provide you with some helpful graphics! So get ready to relax and grow mentally

Daily Affirmations– I have been saying daily affirmations for a month now, and their has been a dramatic positive shift in my mindset towards everything, really. I’ve compiled my favorite and what I think the most effective phrases are. It’s super easy, repeat them to yourself throughout the day, it works even better if you say them in the mirror.

Playlists– wanna just jam out? I’m bringing you 3 wonderfully categorized playlists: A compilation of songs to ugly cry to (courtesy of Yo Girl Emilia), chill jams, and hype music.

Crafts and DIYs

Crafts are a great way to release some stress and creative energy! Tap into your inner crafter and make some things that I hope will be useful!

Stress balls- We’re all a little stressed right now. Since I, sadly, cannot send all of you lovely people something to help with that, I’m giving you a super easy way to make your own. All you need is a ballon water, cornstarch, and a water bottle. If you’re not feeling crafty, that’s okay, you can purchase some fun ones here.

Masks– I hate to pull you back into the current situation, but this is a great project if you love to sew. Face masks are super easy to make and if you enjoy it, you can do something really great! JoAnne Fabrics has a program where you can receive material to sew masks to donate to hospitals.

Coloring Pages– Don’t let anyone tell you that their kiddish, they are not! Coloring is super relaxing and is a great way to release some creative energy. This website has some amazing sheets.

Woah, that was a lot of links!!! I hope you a found at least one thing to use, or something that brought you joy. Definitely reference this whenever you need a little pick me up, or perhaps send it to a friend or grandparent who could use a little extra love. Now, I’ll leave you with this gem…

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7 thoughts on “A Digital Care Package for You”

  1. Chocolate chips are such a basic and common dessert but, there so tasty 😍Love this digital care package, my ears perked at the free chocolate part😭


  2. No matter what recipe I follow… My cookies still turn out like some indescribable substance. 😭😂
    I loved the idea for positive affirmations though! 😊💕


    1. Haha thank you! That makes me so happy to hear! I feel the same way about the chocolate, but what’s the worst that can happen?😰 I’ll update the post if I receive it. Still very curious. Thank you so much for reading💕


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