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15 Small YouTubers You NEED to Watch

Hello friends!!! These past few weeks, I’ve strayed away from traditional television and have been gravitating more towards YouTube. It’s actually kind of funny, I never watched YouTube, my sisters would ask me if I watched someone, and I would have no idea who they are. That’s actually still the case because I Watch mainly small YouTubers. Nothing against main stream, but I love watching small YouTubers grow and supporting them. Okay, I’ll stop blabbering now, and give y’all the list…

  1. Hey It’s Paige I am obsessed with Paige’s channel! I’ve been watching her for a while, and she keeps getting better! She has such a great personality and she makes you feel like you know her irl.

2. Annie Long I am so proud of Annie for how far she’s come. I don’t personally know her, but I feel like I do because she’s so open and caring. Her videos are amazing. They are so insightful and thought out.

3. Camden Paige Camden’s channel was the first small channel that I subbed to. She is so so sweet. All of her videos are so well thought out. I HIGHLY recommend watching her “Coping with Camden” series.

4. Grace Ariya Grace is so lovely, and it’s shown in her videos! She has lifestyle content that’s perfect for teen girls, but she has a wide variety of videos, so there’s something for everyone!

5. LIVVGRACE Liv is a riot! Definitely check out her channel if you want some amazing content paired with an insane amount of energy. It seriously feels like your with your best friend when you watch her videos.

6. Love Lauren Louise Lauren has amazing self improvement videos! She is so insightful and wise in terms of mental health, and her videos have really helped me.

7. Everything Ava Ava’s videos have great energy! She has such a pleasant appearance matched with her amazing accent.

8. Sarah Anne This channel grew so fast! Not gonna lie, her videos are not extremely high quality, but I find them really entertaining. She has a little bit of everything on her channel, which I like.

9. Emily Louise Emily has great content! I find myself smiling through all of her videos. I love her story time about a crazy toxic (for lack of a better term) friendship.

10. Hallie Marie Hallie has such a great presence of camera! Her videos are so well thought out and high quality.

11. Riley Roo I am obsessed with her “Plan With Me” videos! She has loads of content and great productivity advice.

12. Natalie Park I don’t understand how (at the moment) she only as 71 subscribers! She has such entertaining and high quality videos.

13. Charlotte Elizabeth Charlotte has really helpful videos about self care and make up. Her vlogs are also really entertaining.

14. Ashley x Park Once again, I am shocked that she has less than 100 subscribers and she seriously deserves more. Her videos are so aesthetic and high quality!

15. Cathy Turnbull She has amazing travel vlogs! You’ll feel like you’re traveling with her! She also has tons of really entertaining lifestyle content!

There you have it, 15 small YouTubers that you need to watch! Definitely go check out some of these channels, all of them are truly amazing, so you can’t go wrong! I hope you find at least one small YouTuber that you can binge watch and cure your quarantine boredom. Share the love, and drop a small YouTuber’s channel in the comments!


3 thoughts on “15 Small YouTubers You NEED to Watch”

  1. Oooh, I don’t watch any of these yotubers but I’ll check them out. Yes, I love how your giveing support to some smaller youtubers! They all sound great.
    Oops, I actually watched Grace Ariya and her channel is pretty amazing!!


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