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8 Things To Do The Night Before You Start School

Hello friends! We’re slowly approaching September, which means that most of us have to get back into “school mode.” Unfortunately, due to the wild circumstances that the Coronavirus has presented us with, many people will not be attending school in person. For those of us who are physically attending school, whether as a hybrid model, or regularly scheduled, I think that we should move ahead with our normal “first day of school anticipation.” You probably know what I’m referring to, for me the night before school was always filled with nail polishand a late night to finish summer work. Today, however, I’m going to share with you 8 things to do before the first day of school, so you show up as the most prepared and confident version of yourself.

Repeat affirmations

Sorry, but I just had to include this one! I know that I talk about affirmations here on my blog a lot, but it’s because they are so effective! Affirmations are phrases that you repeat to yourself, and they help you become whatever the phrase says you are. For example, if you look in the mirror three times a day and say to yourself “I am friendly,” you will start to truly believe it and take actions to become more friendly. This may sound really confusing and hard, but it’s not, the science of it is confusing, but all you have to do is say some positive affirmations to yourself multiple times a day!

Stick to your regular skin care routine

You may be tempted to throw on a brand new face mask the night before school, but you may want to avoid that. You never know how your skin could react, and if you’re going through the ”trouble” of putting on a face mask, you most likely won’t want to show up to school with irritated skin. Stick to your skin care routine the night before school. If you have a facial treatment, or mask that you regularly use, go for it, but if you’re opting for something new to you, put it on a night or two before your “big day.”

Lay out your outfit

This includes everything that you’ll be putting on your body: socks, bra, underwear, shoes! You can easily avoid some stress the morning of over not having any clean socks, if you put them out the day before. Make sure everything is sorted out. If you have a top that wrinkles easily, make sure to iron it the night before and hang it up, so it’s crisp when you put it on.

Charge devices

This goes for any devices you may need for school too. You don’t want to be left without your phone on the first day, it adds an unnecessary level of stress. Oh, and when you plug your phone or school device in, make sure it’s actually charging. There have been countless times where I think my device is charging, but I come back and it’s still at 20%…

Pack your bag

I’m sure your mom will tell you this one, but pack your bag the night before!!! Make sure everything is organized, so you don’t panci when you can’t find a pencil in homeroom. If you’re younger and have a school list, double check that you have most of the items listed. Calm down though, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a ruler, you probably won’t need it on the first day anyway.

Get squeaky clean

Allll of the hygiene stuff. Sadly, it’s time to wash off the sunblock and sweat that accumulated over the summer. (That was supposed to be a metaphor, but it sounded really gross… I mean, I hope that you bathed at multiple points during the summer…) If your hair looks great the day after washing, wash your hair! And if you’re into it, you can shave while you’re at it.

Groom your nails

Random, but I think, for me at least, that sometimes we neglect to tend to our nails. Honestly, this might just be me, but I am notorious for having uncomfortably long nails, like so long that it hurts to write with a pencil. I don’t know why I always forget, but the night before school seems like a stellar time to clip those bad boys down. Throw on some paint if you’re feeling it, go all out!

Practice some self care

Starting school can be stressful! Take some time for yourself and check in. Personally, I find that some self care activities, like journaling and going for a walk help me curb some of my anxiety. Maybe candles and a bath will help you! I have a giant self care guide post, if you don’t know what to do, but I’ll let you in on a secret: self care is a mind set, anything can be considered self care if you go in with the intention of helping yourself.

I made a little check list for you, and I hope it helps! If you’re still a ways away from returning to school, you can certainly save it to your camera roll for later, or if you’re close, print that sucker out! I hope that this gave you a little guidance and inspiration as to what to do the night before school. Let me know what you end up doing, or you’re “back to school routine!” Enjoy completing the checklist and have a great first day of school!


16 thoughts on “8 Things To Do The Night Before You Start School”

  1. Thanks for this Meghan. Even we’re starting our schools here from September. It’s like we have a lot of pressure and even parents are under pressure to send their children to school. It will definitely help. Thanks once again 🙂


  2. Such a brilliant post that I really enjoyed reading! While I’m in term three, week five of my school year here in Australia, these are great tips even for a new week. The day before anything big, like the start of a new school year, I like to have a reset day. I usually do these on sundays anyway where I take a nice long bath, listen to indie music, maybe grab some takeaway and settle in to watch a show I enjoy.


    1. Chipping away at school nicely over in Australia, eh? I 100% agree about reset days before the week starts! School for hours on end week after week can get rather tiresome, and it’s nice to have somewhat of a fresh start! That sounds like such a great way to start of a new week! Thanks for reading Maryam!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. These tips are so good Meghan! Especially since I’ll be doing in-person classes, I’ll have to make sure to take care of myself. A good self-care night before the first day of school is always good 😁


  4. I love these amazing tips, especially the one about affirmations!! In the past I’ve gone to school on the first day with a negative mindset, so I will definitely try to change that with some positive affirmations.


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