Get Motivated With These 5 Simple Tips

Hello friends! A few weeks ago, I was very quiet on my socials, and ceased posting for an entire week. I discussed this over on my Instagram, but I was dealing with a mixture of sadness, and a lack of motivation and inspiration. However, I found a few things that helped me spring back, only this time I was back and better than ever! The week I spent in a rut was difficult, for I couldn’t figure out the right words to say, and I barely had the motivation to engage on Insta, or reply to DMs.

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you what I did to get back my inspiration, and ways that you can get motivated too! Now, the tips I’m about to tell you worked fantastically in terms of blogging, and I’ve yet to try them with other tasks, but I suspect they will work just as well!

Make it exciting

This one can be hard for certain tasks, but it’s all about mindset. For my fellow bloggers, this can be done by planning content that you love and can’t wait to share with people. Creating said content won’t feel like such a chore because you love what you do, and if you love it enough, it may come naturally. Consequently, the tasks that relate to your fabulous content, like cleaning out emails, may not seem as bad because doing them will help you get to do the things you really love.

Browsing through Pinterest

I swear, everything on Pinterest is motivating. Sure, the quotes can definitely help you get your butt into gear, but I also find the articles on the topic I need to work on motivating as well. For example, if I need to read a book for school, a pin on how reading helps brain function or a blogger talking about a book they love, for example, will help me get into the right mindset to do the task at hand.

Form a plan

Plan, plan, plan!!! That’s my motto! Things can often seem daunting in our heads, and writing them out on paper can help you sort through what needs to get done. Start by making a list of every individual task for your overall project. Let’s say that you are going to clean your room, sounds like a ton of work, right? Let’s break it up. You might need to wash your sheets, put your clothes away, clean off surfaces, vacuum, and make your bed. Now that you can see it as five or so little tasks, cleaning your room may not seem so bad. For bigger tasks, I recommend making a step by step plan, while it may seem a little overwhelming, I promise that a well thought out plan will help your task go much smoother and will overall be less stressful.

Search for inspiration

This is similar to pinterest, but a little more broad. Inspiration can be anything from similar pieces, to pictures, to quotes. Sometimes we just don’t know where to start, and seeing an example, or something similar to what we are about to do can help us get started. Additionally, some pieces can give us the push we need to start, as sometimes we just need to start to get the job done. As a blogger, I find that reading similar blogs helps me get out of a rut.

Take a break

Burnout is real. Social media often depicts a group of go-getters who never slow down and get everything on their to-do list and then some done. Let me tell you: that could not be farther from the truth. Remember that most of the time, “influencers” will only show the highlights of their day; we do not see the full story. Therefore, we have to take everything shown to us with a grain of salt, and stop comparing ourselves to them! Despite what you may think, it’s okay to take breaks! In fact, a short (or long) break can allow you to come back fresh and better than ever!

There you have it, the pretty simple tips that helped me get my motivation back. Pick out and try one or two that you think may work the best for you! If you still feel stuck, come back and try the others, and if you need someone to tell you to just get up and do it, DM me over on Instagram! I hope these tips will help you and of your rut! Good luck with whatever you need motivation for (I believe in you), and thanks for reading!


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