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100+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Teens

Hello friends!! Let me guess, you’re either here because your teen wants cash, but it’s rude to ask for straight cash so they said “I don’t know,” and now you have to find a cool gift for them or you’re a teen who just wants cash, but needs wish list ideas. I get that, and either way, I got you!! Being a teenager myself, I rounded up more than 100 super cool gifts for teens!! Some of these things are so fun, and I guarantee that you or your teen/friend will love and most likely doesn’t already have!

For everyone…

1. Led lights
2. Galaxy lights
3. Succulent
4. Mug
5. Facemasks (the pandemic type!!)
6. Amazon Alexa dot
7. Water bottle
8. Salt lamp

9. Fill-in-the-blanks journal
10. Fun socks
11. Room decor
12. Vinyl stickers
13. Blue light glasses
14. Shower notepad

15. Polaroid camera
16. Portable charger
17. Nike Airforce 1
18. Essential oil diffuser
19. 2021 Planner
20. Charging station
21. Airpods
22. Bluetooth speaker
23. Waterproof speaker
24. What Do You Meme?
25. Sweatpants
26. Ugg slippers
27. Weighted blanket
28. Mini projector
29. Reading pillow

30. Animal crossing
31. Champion crew neck
32. Airpods case
33. Water colors
34. Letter board

35. CLOCKY alarm clock
36. Puzzles
37. Phone wallet
38. Gel pens/nice pens
39. Hoodie
40. Mini-fridge

41. Game of Phones
42. Apple Watch
43. Kindle reader
44. HP Portable Printer
45. Sunglasses
46. Ukulele
47. Art set
48. Heating pad
49. Clutch/wallet
50. Bullet journal
51. Tiny microphone
52. Bluetooth adapter (for their car)
53. Cookbook
54. Phone ring

55. Bean bag chair
56. Reusable straws
57. Waffle maker
58. Lanyard
59. Car organization
60. Tapestry
61. Touchscreen gloves
62. Travel hammock
63. Electric milk frother
64. Penny board

65. Disposable camera
66. 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School (book)
67. Phone sanitizer UV light
68. Bubble tea kit
69. Candy (in bulk)

For beauty queens…

70. Face masks
71. Spiral hair ties
72. Make up brushes
73. Simplistic jewelry
74. Reusable make up cloths

75. Silk scrunchies
76. Hair straightener
77. Heated straightener brush
78. Rose Quartz facial roller
79. Hair clips
80. Pura Vida Bracelets
81. Hair towel
82. Bath and Body Works fragrance set
83. Skin care brush

84. Wet brush
85. Mario Badescu spray
86. Wildflower phone case
87. Name necklace
88. Bert’s Bees set
89. Hunter rain boots
90. Caboodle
91. Mini backpack
92. Monogram necklace

For athletes

93. Foam roller
94. Yoga mat
95. Nike dry-fit socks
96. Biofreeze
97. Epsom salts
98. Sports team/player jersey
99. Nike Pro (shorts)
100. Gym/Duffel bag

101. Protein Powder
102. Eye black
103. Crocs
104. Weight/dumbell set
105. Door basketball hoop
106. Deodorizing sneaker balls
107. Spike ball
108. Theragun
109. Colored pre-wrap

There you have it, more than 100 gift ideas for yourself or a teenager in your life! Some of these items are a little vague, so if you find something that interests you, but can’t seem to find it, you can comment or email me for the link!! Let me know if you found anything new to add to your wishlist or what you’re asking for this season! Thanks for reading and happy shopping!!

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21 thoughts on “100+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Teens”

  1. A 2021 planner is a good one, I would love one of those and it can be used for so many different things as well 🙂 – A personalised mug is also nice 🙂

    Btw would you be up for doing some sort of collab post, as I really enjoy reading your blogs 🙂 – let me know!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are all great ideas, Meghan! I’ll maybe ask for some jewelry this year… I really need some new necklaces and earrings! 🤣


  3. This is a great list! It gave me a lot of ideas to ask for Christmas. I have one of the makeup remover cloths and they work so well! I would definitely recommend that to anyone.


      1. I know! So many people think it’s really fun, so I thought I would give it a go since I like more relaxed world games


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