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5 Unique Galentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Besties

Hello friends! Valentine’s Day is upon us, and being the single teenage girl that I am, that means that it is Galentine’s Day! Galentine’s Day is basically a replacement of Valentine’s Day for girls to celebrate and spend time with the amazing friends you have in your life.

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So, to help you and your girls celebrate this occasion, I am collabing with Emmanuella from Beauty and Bows to give you 10 unique activities!

Emaunuella has some really helpful lifestyle and productivity content that will help you live you’re best life! She’ll be sharing 5 more ideas with you, so be sure to check that out at the end of this post! 

There’s a mix of in-person and virtual activities (and even some that could be both), so no one has to be left out! Okay, now here are 5 activities that are guaranteed to give you an amazing Galentine’s Day!

image sourced from Canva

Have a Netflix party

Netflix party is an extension that allows you to sycronously watch a movie and chat with your friends! It’s a really fun time, and a great replacement to actually being able to spend time with your friends! Ooh- watching a few rom coms would be such a vibe…  perhaps TATBILB3?

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I know I said “unique,” but baking is just so fun, especially with friends! I feel like me and my friends always mess up the recipe, but it’s the experience that matters (even if you end up with some really salty cookies).

You know what would be really cute? If you made some “Valentine’s Day themed” treats, like these red velvet sandwich cookies! OOO or some red velvet cupcakes!

image from Cookie Monster Cookies


Galentine’s Day is a pretty good reason to treat yourself! The mall may be out of the question, but online shopping is very much in. Just sitting around together (or even facetiming) and showing each other what you like is super fun. It’s also super helpful having your girls there to stop you from making a questionable purchase!

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Have a picnic

Have you seen the aesthetic picnic videos circulating TikTok because they are to die for! Honestly, super sad that we’re getting like a foot of snow this weekend up north because this is super cute and easy to make covid-safe. So, all of you that live in warm climates best be taking advantage of this one!

Ugh, I’m obsessed! Name a better way to spend Galentine’s Day… I’ll wait… but for real, all you need is some food, a blanket and your girls. If you want to go the extra mile, feel free to take some inspo from this, but be sure to send pictures so we can all live vicariously through you!


Make gift bags for your girls

Perhaps you’re in a friend group where one person is allowed to hang out, but the rest can’t. Invite your friends over to make some gift bags for your (probably very lonely and bummed) friends! 

Head on over to the dollar store to snag some bags, candy, and whatever adorable treasures you may find! Add in some really cute printed out pictures of you all, a baked good, some handmade jewlwery and drop it off of their houses! Sounds like the absolute sweetest activity to me!

image sourced from Canva

Those were just five activities to do this Galentine’s day, but if you want more, be sure to head on over to Emmanuella’s post! She gives you five more ideas, and they are just awesome!

Do you have plans for Valentine’s day? Let me know what they are in the comments! I hope this post helped you figure out what you and your girls are gonna do! Thanks for reading and happy Galentine’s Day!

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7 thoughts on “5 Unique Galentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Besties”

  1. Even though Valentine’s Day is over, imma just say one thing: I am so glad that I finally came across someone who didn’t make valentine’s day about being with your significant other and being romantic and whatnot. Mostly because I’m single 🥲 but that’s okay I love being single. Anyways, you gave me some great ideas for the next valentine’s day though! I’d love to spend it with my besties after this pandemic gets over itself (which i’m optimistic will be coming very soon). Now I just need to try and remember all of your great ideas with my goldfish memory 🥰


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