How to Organize a Virtual Sleepover

Hello friends! Covid restrictions are beginning to be put back in place, and that means not being able to see our friends, or at least not how we’d like to. Sure, you can facetime one-on-one and catch up, or even have a quick group facetime, but it’s just not the same. Sleepovers, or “slumber parties,” may seem kid-ish, but they are a great way to recconet with friends! There’s just something about sitting in a circle in a dimly lit basement at 3 am that makes you want to spill all of your secrets… 

Just because we can’t be with our friends right now does not mean that we still can’t get together. Virtual slumber parties can offer you the same fun experience while distanced! It may also be fun to dive back into your youth and have a good old fashioned sleepover, only virtual… 

Today I’m going to help you plan a fun sleepover for you and your besties to reconnect! I’ll go step-by-step, and give you some activity ideas and tips! Let’s get to it!

Set a date

Make sure that you choose a time that works for all of your friends because they certainly will not want to miss out on all the fun! If you are planning this on your own, consider sending out little invitations to your friends to make it extra cute and include the time, date, and link!

Choose a platform

Personally, I find zoom to be a little over hyped. Like, why use zoom when you can just use facetime? But for friend groups that are not purley running off of apple products, zoom, skype, or google meets can be a great way to start a video chat!

Brainstorm activities

While it may be easy to chat the night away in person, you and your friends may need a little more guidance. Think about all of the things you love to do when you’re together and try to figure out a way to modify it! 

For example, me and my friends are lame and love to play board games, so we facetime and play among us or another virtual multiplayer game. Maybe set up a netflix party, organize a scavenger hunt, make it a powerpoint night… be creative!

Get comfy

The key to making this memorable and fun is the vibes. I truly believe this for everything! Hop into your sweatpants, throw a blanket over your shoulders, gather some good snacks, maybe light a candle and get ready to have fun!

Stay flexible

If you made a plan, be ready to thow it out the window! The truth is that sometimes forcing people to do fun things can really dampen the mood. If you and your friends are having a great time gossiping, or even just sending eachother random TikToks, let it be, and enjoy the moment.

That’s it everyone! It’s pretty simple, but I’m sure it’ll be loads of fun! Let me know how you and your friends stay connected while having to stay apart! Thanks for reading and happy slumbering!

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14 thoughts on “How to Organize a Virtual Sleepover”

  1. That’s a great idea! I never would have thought of that before.
    Quick question: What app or website do you use to create those fun pics?


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