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My Realistic Quarantine Routine

For many, the hardest part of isolation due to Coronavirus is the change in routine. One of the first things I did was make a new routine to keep a little bit of normalcy in my life. I recently got back into bullet journaling, and I used a technique called time blocking to create this schedule. Time blocking is fairly simple, you block out every hour of your day by assigning it to a specific activity. If you stay with me for three minutes or so, you’ll find all about my routine!

8:00- Wake Up and Phone time

I don’t really wake up at a consistent time, but it’s never before 8. I would love to start off the day meditating, or something, but that’s just not going to happen for me. I use the first hour or so after waking up to catch up on Instagram.

9:30- Get Ready

If I’m up by 9:30, I’ll properly get ready. Brush my hair, wash my face, put on normal human clothing… I also use this time to set up my work space. I settle down at my dining room table, usually with a cup of tea. About 9:50, I will go through all of my classes and make a list of what assignments I have. I like making lists because it makes me feel accomplished when I check something off, and it reassures me that I didn’t forget work. My classes are also pretty loose, meaning that we don’t really have time restrictions. I like to do my work in order of classes on my regular school day.

10:00- Start Schoolwork

I’ll start my schoolwork around 10. At this time, I’ll put my phone away. After I finish my first class of the day (biology), it usually comes back out. I try my best to keep my phone off, but some days it’s hard. I work for an hour, at this time I usually finish about half of my work.

11:00- Breakfast

After an hour of working, I’ll take a 20 minute break. During this time, I’ll make breakfast. 90% of the time I’ll have apple oatmeal. (It’s sooo good, I recently started putting peanut butter in it and omg!!)

11:20- Resume Working

After lunch, I usually I have easy work. During this “session” my phone is usually out, as I text my friends about the work.

12:45- Lunch

Lunch!!! I like to keep lunch simple because I’m not really hungry at that time. I just need to fuel up for my run, and I find that eating any earlier will negatively impact my run. I spend about 20 minutes preparing my lunch and then I will eat outside if it’s nice or sit on my porch to eat.

1:30- Phone-Free Free Time

I have this time blocked out to finish school work if I need to. I don’t really use this time properly though. I really need to start working on being productive or creative during this time. The idea for this time is time for me to write, sew, take a webinar, or read.

2:30- Free time

This is when my school day would be over. During this time, I can continue my work from the last “block,” or go on my phone. Honestly, most days I’m already on my phone and it extends into this time.

3:00- Run

At 3, I get changed into my running clothes and stretch. I’m usually out the door by 3:30, but I’m finding it harder to get motivated, so that time gets pushed back. After I get back from my run, I (try to) stretch and do band work.

4:45- Free Time

Most days, I spend this time on my phone. Sometimes, I will take my dog for an hour walk, but the weather hasn’t permitted that lately.

6:30- Eat Dinner

This is the time when my family and I eat dinner. That’s all I have to say about that…

7:15- Clean up

Right after dinner, I help clean up, whether it’s washing/drying dishes, cleaning off the table, or taking the trash out. I originally blocked out this time to take a few minutes to clean up my room, but I haven’t consistently done that.

7:30- Free Time

If it’s nice out, this is the time when I sit outside with my sisters. We have a good time. If it’s raining or cold, I’ll go on my phone or try to write.

9:00- Exercise

Before I whine down, I like to squeeze in one last workout. On days I only ran, I do a Jenna K ab workout and Blogilates butt workout. I also stretch and do a little more core and arm work.

10:00- Wind Down

This is probably my favorite part if the day. I put my phone on the charger and try not to look at it for the rest of the night. I journal for a little while. I don’t have that many spreads, so I just write about my day, add or check off tasks and fill out my logs. I then shower/wash my face.

11:00- Bed

I try my best to get into bed by 11. Most nights I write in a notebook for a half an hour or so before I get to sleep.

That’s basically my day! Of course I stray a little, but that’s the basis. I really enjoyed writing this and I hope you liked reading it. I really do think that this schedule has helped my adjust and stay productive. Do you have a routine?


11 thoughts on “My Realistic Quarantine Routine”

  1. Great post! I found it really interesting and motivating reading your schedule. I’ve got a rough routine and schedule for my day, but I need to get better at keeping track of time so I might try time-blocking it next week! 💛


  2. Hahaha, this sounds a lot like my schedule;) I love how you have phone-free time in your day, I should probably do that;)


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