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I Stayed Off Social Media For 24 Hours. This is What I Learned.

I had a YouTube marathon the other day, and it showed me two things: (1) I have an extremely small attention span and (2) I spend waaay to much time on my phone. I watched videos for about four hours straight. One of the videos I watched was Annie Long’s “24 hours without my phone during QUARANTINE.” After that video I was super motivated to follow her lead and spend an entire day without my phone.

The majority of time I spend on my phone is for my blog, on Instagram, wordpress, Pinterest, etc. Even though I have an incredibly small following, I’m constantly checking my notifications and engaging on other’s posts. Going into it, I wasn’t that nervous about the social aspect because I really only text three of my friends in a group chat, and I figured I wouldn’t miss that much.

The whole “24 hours” was kinda accidental. I stopped using my phone at 11 Monday night, and had planned to spend Tuesday without my phone until 9. However, because there was only a two hour difference I just stuck it through. The original post idea was to be a while 24 hours without my phone, but I had to do a workout from my phone, so that wasn’t really possible. Therefore, I spent most of my day off my phone and all technology, including social media. I wrote down my thoughts in a notebook as the day went on, so I typed them up a few days after (promise I didn’t cheat).

How My Day Went

I woke up earlier than usual, but didn’t get up until 10:30. The weirdest thing happened, I was in that weird half asleep half awake stage, and I was having vivid dreams of scrolling through my phone. I thought of this as my brain filling in what it wanted, because I wasn’t on my phone, I had tricked myself into thinking I was. (Not sure if that makes sense, but it’s hard to explain).

Guys, let me tell you, I was so productive today. As soon as I got up I tucked my phone away in my desk drawer and started cleaning my room. I found that during this time, I didn’t really want to go in my phone. I spent an hour or so going through and reorganizing my dresser and then went down to breakfast. I was really looking forward to meals because as much as I want to ”eat mindfully,” there’s always something interesting on my phone, so I never just eat. (Wow, I have no self control…) I ate with no distractions and I really think it had the effects it claims to have. I felt more full, ate slower, and really enjoyed my meal.

I trekked back up stairs around noon and resumed cleaning my room. At this point, I was feeling super motivated and productive. I pulled out my entire closet and sorted it into 3 giant donate bags. I also got two huge bagfuls of clothing to sell on Poshmark. (You can find my Poshmark here and use my code MEGHAN_L_SELLS to get $10). Around 1, my family was mean to me. My dad sent a menu to order for dinner, and no one in my family would let me tell him what I wanted via their phone. (I just wanted my regular avocado rolls, incase you were wondering). So, I was forced to go on my phone, I looked at the menu (because they didn’t have what I wanted) and texted my dad. While I was on, I saw multiple notifications and it stressed me out. What are they for? Is someone texting me? And let me just tell y’all that I n e v e r get texts.

The rest of the day I cleaned my room. I think it was easier, and less of a chore, because I didn’t have my phone. Usually, I’ll work for 15 minutes tops before I retreat back to Instagram. Around 4, I checked my team page to see if I had a specific track workout, then went straight to Nike Fitness Club. (Premium is free rn, btw…) I’m doing a four week workout program and took a rest day the day before, so I couldn’t not do it today. (Bad planning on my part).

The rest of the day I hung out with my sisters, at dinner, and journaled. The only notable part during this time was the last hour or two. I was counting down the minutes until 11. I couldn’t figure out anything to do, so I ended up annoying my younger sister for a half an hour. When I did go on my phone, I wasn’t satisfied. I no longer felt the need to see all of the notifications and scroll mindlessly. After replying to a few DMs and catching up on posts, I went to bed.


First of all, let’s just take a minute to look at these numbers. The photo below is my screen time.

I learned a lot from (basically) staying off of my phone for a full day. First of all, I learned that in some way, they are a necessary part of our daily lives. In order to contact my parents and workout, I had to be on my phone. It also showed me how much I can do without my phone. A lot of the things I did that day, like hanging out with my sisters, eating, cleaning, watching a movie, don’t require my phone. Oddly enough, whenever I do these things I’m on my phone. A change that I’m definitely going to make is to give my attention fully to what I’m doing. If I’m doing something, like watching a movie, I’ll watch the movie, not be on my phone while to movie is on. I also became less anxious (for lack of a better word) when it comes to seeing everyone’s Instagram story. Now I’m wonder: why did I care in the first place?

I do think that there are a lot of misconceptions about teenagers and their phone use. In some ways, phones are necessary. This was a good experience and nice way to give my mind a break. I highly recommend that you try it! Do you think that you can last a whole day without your phone and/or social media?

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15 thoughts on “I Stayed Off Social Media For 24 Hours. This is What I Learned.”

  1. I love this idea! I just feel like sometimes we get so caught up in our phone that we forget to appreciate how beautiful life is. I think I’m gonna try this!

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  2. This was such a cool post! I went phone-free for a week last year and it wasn’t bad but I allowed myself to use my computer which I texted friends on and I don’t have social media except for my blog (which I didn’t have at the time). It definitely is weird not to have your phone but I usually feel a lot more productive! I do miss the music from my phone, (I have to go get a CD player to listen to the radio, SOOO MUCH WORK xD) and I also miss not getting creative ideas from Pinterest. Overall taking time off from my phone really is beneficial and I might try it soon with all the extra time quarantine is giving me! I loved this post! Also good job being active during quarantine and working out, you go girl!! ❤️❤️


    1. Hey Jasmin! Super sorry, this comment got lost in unapproved 😬… A week sounds like a lot! I agree, definitely easier to have have your phone with all of its functions, but it’s so rewarding to go without it! I’m so glad to hear that you found it beneficial! Seriously, thank you so much for your support, it means so much to me💕


  3. This is such a cool experiment! It really gives us an idea of what things we can accomplish without staring at screens and straining our eyes all day 😁


  4. Okay, I’m OBSESSED with this post!!💕💕I have always wanted to try a phone detox and I love that you were so productive without your phone!!! I’m not phone addicted but I do spend time on Netflix and Pinterest a lot 😂Ditto on not texting that much and I think taking a break from a phone is a great idea. Appreciating your day without your phone must be such a good feeling!!!


  5. I just came across this blog and I really enjoyed reading this! I liked how you mentioned that at the end of the day, phones are an essential part of our life, so we can’t completely stop using them! I am also glad that you plan to give your full attention when it comes to doing activities that don’t involve a phone, for example a movie. This is something I want to work on as well as I am sometimes guilty of being on my phone too much when i am spending quality time with family of friends!

    I actually wrote a blog on the pros and cons of social media so feel free to check that out! I look forward to reading more of your blogs 🙂


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