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What It’s Like to Drift Away from Your Best Friend

Hello friends! It’s Meghan, and today we’re getting personal. Today, I am going to share my thoughts, feelings, and experiences about drifting away from my best friend. What I mean by that is a slow incognicent unfriending.  I’m sure this is something you’ve experienced (or will at some point), and it’s quite an odd thing-… Continue reading What It’s Like to Drift Away from Your Best Friend

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What’s Behind the Smile?

Hello friends! Today I’m going to address something that has been bothering me for a while and that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’m sure we all know someone who seems to never have a bad day. They’re always annoyingly happy, and generally social, heck, they’re the center of every social group they… Continue reading What’s Behind the Smile?

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Reminder: Check In On Your Friends

Hey friends! Something I’ve been thinking a lot lately is my friends and their mental health. The people I surround myself with are amazing, but albeit, closed off. I’m definitely included in this; we just aren’t really people that feel comfortable sharing our feeling. That is why I’ve been checking up on them. I’ve been… Continue reading Reminder: Check In On Your Friends