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5 Ways to Reset and Re-energize During Winter Break

Hello friends!! Welcome to day 10 of my 12 Days of Blogmas! Today is a glorious day, even though Christmas eve is tomorrow, today was my last day of school before break!! YAY! Finally!! I recently learned that y’all’s winter breaks are like 1-2 weeks longer than mine and I’m incredibly jealous! I mean it’s fine now i guess because I’m finally free! For the next 11 days at least…

If your winter break is way too short like mine, or even a generous amount of time, you definitely want to take advantage of this school-free period! I don’t know about you, but school was getting incredibly redundant, and I am exhausted! So, now is a fantastic time to re-energize and reset our minds for the dreaded months to come. To do this, I’m sharing 5 things that are sure to help you finally relax and set you up to have a less stressful school experience when winter break (sadly) ends!!

Clean out your bag/workspace

Having a somewhat tidy work environment is crucial to online learning!! Over the past few months, I’ve let my desk (and floor surrounding my desk) accumulate so much junk, and it is so stressful! I promise you that cleaning out your backpack or workspace will take you less than an hour and make you feel so much better.

Make a list of New Year’s Resolutions

As we face the last half of the school year, it’s important to give ourselves purpose and drive to tackle these long months with. School can be extremely repetitive, and when you’re overwhelmed with homework every single night, it’s easy to get stuck in an endless cycle. By setting goals for yourself, you’re adding variety to your life and giving yourself something to work towards other than school.

Dedicate a day to selfcare

Selfcare days are incredibly rejuvinating. Simply taking time to slow down and acknowledge your needs can really nurture your mental health and encourage self love!! What I love to do is watch SVU for an entire day and label it as a “self care day,” but there are so many ways you can approach this! I actually have a whole guide of self care that I think would be really helpful for you!

Spend time with friends

Maybe this is just me being an introvert, but I find it incredibly hard to make time for fun during the school year. Balance is key in helping you succeed in school while staying sane. Carve some time out to reconnect with your friends, wheter in person or over facetime! Maybe you can organize a digital game night or netlix party!!

Establish healthy routines

You know when you were little and your parents would make you practice going to bed early? Yeah, this is essentailly that. Now is the time to establish solid routines packed with some healthy habits you’ve been meaning to incorporate into your life. Take a look at your goals and figure out how you can weave them into your everyday life! Trying this out a few days before you return to will will make it so much easier to adapt once everything picks back up again!

Being a student can suck, but I hope that these things will help you relax and get ready for the next 6 or so months of classes. Oh, wow… that’s a lot, but we can do it!! Please please please tell me all about your winter break in the comments- plans, start and end dates, thoughts! I’m dying to hear!!

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11 thoughts on “5 Ways to Reset and Re-energize During Winter Break”

  1. Nice tips! I hope you have a good break!
    How do you make your beautiful Pin-able pictures? Where do you get your images?


  2. I really enjoyed this post! Definitely need to establish healthy routines so I hope to work on getting that done, thank you for the reminder ⭐. Hope you have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! 🎄✨💞


  3. Ah, a lovely aesthetic post that has reminded me to use my time wisely! I’m on summer break here in Australia and will have time off February 15th so I’m getting stuck into lots of big projects. So so glad I’m done with school and am entering a new chapter in my life!

    As for Christmas plans, I’m going to midnight mass with my grandma tonight and then my family and I are going to my aunty’s mum’s place for a festive lunch. She has the cutest cottage house <33


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